WWE SmackDown Live: April 30, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Kevin Owens Explains

SmackDown continues it’s build to Money in the Bank by hitting home runs with both major title feuds. Charlotte got one over on Becky Lynch by attacking her post match. Kevin Owens explained himself to Kofi Kingston, saying he’s there to relieve Kofi of the burden of being champion. Plus the rest of the Money in the Bank field was set.


  • Becky Lynch def. Bayley
  • Kairi Sane and Asuka def. Enhancement Talents
  • Roman Reigns def. B-Team with Elias as special guest enforcer
  • Ali and Finn Balor def. Randy Orton and Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

Match of the Night: Becky Lynch def. Bayley with a Dis-Arm-Her

It’s easy to forget that Bayley is an amazing wrestler with the way she has been treated on the main roster. Her switch over to SmackDown Live has rejuvenated her, and this match with Lynch was a solid outing. It’s easy to believe Bayley as the next challenger for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, especially if Charlotte gets the title after Money in the Bank. The post-match attack by Charlotte of both babyfaces made her all the more detestable.

Three Thoughts:

The Field Is Set

Both Money in the Bank matches have their competitors now. Ember Moon, Bayley, Mandy Rose, and Carmella will be in the women’s match. The men’s side has Randy Orton, Ali, Finn Balor, and Andrade. From the SmackDown side, there are multiple interesting choices for briefcase holders. Ember Moon would benefit in a big way from holding the case and is popular enough to do it. For the men, Andrade continues to look like the best option. With that said, Randy Orton can never be discounted since WWE loves to rely on him.

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Lars Dislikes Legends

The Hardy Boyz having to relinquish the tag team titles due to injury is sad. Jeff’s injury comes at an unfortunate time, and hopefully he will recover and be back. That being said, WWE is always good at bouncing back from setbacks. Turning this injury into an angle and blaming it on Lars Sullivan is a great way to get heat on the new monster. This is the first time on the main roster Sullivan has looked like a true monster. His no-selling of chairshots and menacing glare were steps in the right direction. Which Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Era star will he target next?

Roman Overcomes, Duh.

Roman Reigns overcoming the odds is a tired trope at this point. Shane McMahon stacked the deck against Reigns with the B-Team and Elias, and yet no fan believed he was ever in peril. When Reigns is presented as a brooding anti-hero, he does well. When he’s presented as an Ali or Kofi Kingston babyface overcoming odds? It just feels tired. Wasn’t this the problem with him for over two years?

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Grade: B+

Back-to-back solid weeks for SmackDown Live. The feuds that need to be built are getting the time and are hitting their marks. The Women’s Tag Team Titles could use a little more time to shine, but having the IIconics on commentary for the women’s tag team match tonight is a good start.

One Last Thing: Is this Aleistar Black promo pure exposition? Yes, but it’s needed. It shows people his character beyond “moody”. More of these, WWE.

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