Between the tag title and both brand championships, the women of WWE are busy. The Iiconics are hoping to retain against the new team of Asuka and Kairi Sane. Becky Lynch is pulling double-duty against Lacey Evans for the Raw title and Charlotte for the Smackdown belt. As a result of these matches, the Women’s Money in the Bank match is out seven possible entrants. Today we take a look at the eight competitors and which ones have a shot at taking home the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Participants


Mandy Rose, Bailey, Ember Moon, Carmella


Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya, Dana Brooke

Thanks For Trying!

Dana Brooke

What we have left is an interesting group of candidates to hold the third-ever briefcase in the division. Of the eight competitors, Dana Brooke stands out as an obvious choice for the “least likely to win” award. Let’s face it, Brooke has not received much positive screen time. Brooke has yet to connect with the WWE Universe and it is unlikely she will any time soon. A strong showing would go a long way to finding a spot for Brooke, but don’t get your hopes up for a surprise victory.

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…


The Queen of Harts has enjoyed a boost in television time since the beginning of 2019. How much of this is a result of her late father, Jim Neidhart, being inducted into the Hall of Fame remains to be seen. Natalya is capable of putting on entertaining matches and has hung around the top of the women’s division for most of the last three years. However, her shining moment with the company came in a match for the NXT Women’s Championship against Charlotte. Her 2019 push puts her in the match and gives her a puncher’s chance. The lack of meaningful matches to this point likely means the veteran wrestler makes a strong push for the briefcase, but ultimately falls short.


Bask in the light of the Glow. Naomi is a two-time Smackdown women’s champion and is the most athletic wrestler in the division. A ladder match allows for some interesting possibilities for Naomi to showcase her athleticism. However, the high-flyer of the match does not typically end up with the briefcase.

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The winner of the inaugural women’s Money in the Bank match, Carmella is an interesting inclusion. She has stayed relevant on television through her partnership with R Truth. It must be noted how effective it can be for a superstar to appear on programming for even just seven seconds. Carmella has not had many matches over the past few months, but her presence on WWE programming and a lack of recognizable participants, gets her a spot in the match. A heel Carmella would have the better odds.

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The Favorites

Mandy Rose

The company seems to favor Mandy Rose quite favorably. While she hasn’t been a true championship contender, she’s been kept in or near the title picture for most of her time on the main roster. Rose would do well with the case, giving her the credibility and the opportunity to get a bigger heel push. She may not be the most talented performer in the ring, but her short feud with Naomi showed she could pull her own weight in a program.

Ember Moon

Miss Moon has battled injuries since her arrival on the main roster. She has struggled to settle into a groove, but remains one of the most talented wrestlers in the division. The MITB match would be a great way to thrust her into the spotlight. During her time in NXT, Moon put on quality matches against all opponents. She has the talent to make a believable winner, and can play the baby-face contender. Besides, seeing an Eclipse from a ladder would be a sight to see.

Alexa Bliss

The former gymnast has been out of action for months following a concussion scare. Little Miss Bliss is back in the ring and ready to claim her second MITB briefcase. During her absence, Bliss has used her weekly talk show on Raw to stay relevant and insert herself in various storylines. Bliss is the most entertaining performer, male or female, currently working for the company. There’s no better way to set up Bliss for another title run than allowing her to carry around that valuable briefcase.


Could the WWE be trolling Sasha Banks by having her close friend and former tag team partner win the briefcase? Regardless, seeing the recent run for Bayley is refreshing. Since the switch to Smackdown, Bayley has put on a pair of solid matches against the top talent in the company. A run with the MITB contract in tow could do wonders to build her character. Maybe the decision by Banks to take her ball and head home will be the catalyst to the Bayley many have hoped for.

Early Odds

At the end of the day, while the list of participants may be lacking in star power, the field is set up for unpredictability and excitement. The match is set up to put a rocket ship on whomever comes out victorious. Ultimately it is difficult to not see the creative team turning away from Alexa Bliss or Mandy Rose. The WWE brass definitely has a type. It is not difficult to see. For now just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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