WWE Raw: May 6, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Vince McMahon “Invented’ The Wildcard Rule

The build towards Money in the Bank in 13 days continues. Roman Reigns had promised to appear on Raw despite being a SmackDown Live superstar. Did he keep his word? Plus, how will Sami Zayn make us feel bad about ourselves this week?


  • Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley def. A.J. Styles and Seth Rollins
  • Lucha House Party def. Local talents
  • Ricochet def. Robert Roode to keep his spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Lacey Evans def. Local talent with women’s Money in the Bank participants at ringside.
  • Viking Raiders def. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
  • Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre by disqualification
  • Kofi Kingston def. Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship

Match of the Night: Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley def. A.J. Styles and Seth Rollins via pinfall after End of Days

After a long promo started out the night, this tag match was the first action on the show and it delivered. Styles accidentally hit his partner and future competitor Rollins with a Phenomenal Forearm, leading to the End of Days and win for the heels. Styles even walked away from Rollins before the match was over. This shows a heelish tinge to Styles character, which will be intriguing to see going forward.

Three Thoughts

Not Wild About Wildcard

Vince McMahon introducing the wildcard rule in response to Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston showing up is a straight-up ratings grab. It does seem to mark the end of a true brand split era. That’s a shame, since the brand split should be used to make new stars and allow midcard stars to thrive. Now time will be taken each week by the same group of big stars. That’s great news in the short term, as fans wanting to see Bryan, A.J. Styles, Kingston, Reigns, or Seth Rollins will tune in. However, if no new stars are made, the ratings decline will be even greater.

Latest Wrestling News

A Lady’s Invitations

Lacey Evans giving out formal invitations to her match was hilarious. It’s hard to do things that will genuinely get heel heat and upset people, but those invitations did the trick. Evans character has been all-encompassing and has made her the most complete presentation of any of those six NXT call-ups. She feels like a true, detestable heel. Seeing her battle with, and maybe beat, Becky Lynch will be very exciting.

Oh no, Usos

It’s sad when you see a segment that goes against WWE’s public “Be A Star” image. The Usos, as babyfaces, put Ucey-Hot (Icy Hot cream) in the Revival’s ring gear and made them freak out. This is a bad look for WWE. They pride themselves on being staunchly against bullying, yet frequently turn to this well. WWE loves having babyfaces do bullyish or outright mean behaviors. All this segment really did was make the internet wrestling fans feel more sorry for the Revival. Can’t these two teams just battle over being two amazing tag teams?

Grade: C

This was a hard episode of Raw to get through. The overarching theme of the “wildcard” rule gave the show an air of panic. Add to that bad segments like the Usos-Revival, Lars Sullivan crushing the conga line, and the throwaway six man Lucha House Party match, and it was a long three hours. Some saving graces, however: the opening tag match and the closing WWE Championship matches were both solid. Plus, Sami Zayn got put in a garbage truck by Braun Strowman.

One More Thing

R.I.P. Ramblin Rabbit. You were taken too soon. That’s what you get for pushing your “bohemian lifestyle” on Mercy.

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