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Killer Kross Asks for Release

Impact star Killer Kross is apparently looking for his release from the company. PWInsider has reported that Kross is unhappy with his pay and is looking for a larger and more secure contract with the company. Impact is apparently unwilling to restructure the contract to Kross’ liking.

Kross has not been granted a release from Impact. PWInsider reports that relations between the company and wrestler are still professional.

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Braun Strowman Injury?

On Raw on Monday, Sami Zayn beat Braun Strowman to take his spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday. According to Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc) Strowman is dealing with a bicep or tricep injury.

An injury was not the reason Zayn replaced Strowman, however. Dave Meltzer announced said that his removal from the match is part of a longer term storyline that will pay off in the next few months.


Michael Paris, better known as DJZ, has signed with WWE.  The company announced yesterday that DJZ has reported to the Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida.

DJZ, also known as Zema Ion, was a star in Mexico and in Impact Wrestling. The 32-year-old is a two-time X-Division Champion and one-time Impact Tag Team Champion. The high-flying DJZ is another talented addition to the NXT landscape.

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