WWE has announced that former superstar Ashley Massaro has passed away. She was 39 years old.

The Blast reported that Massaro passed away on Thursday. The circumstances around her death are unknown at this time. A “rescue call” was placed to Massaro’s home in Smithtown early Thursday morning. Massaro passed away at the hospital.

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Massaro was best known for her time in WWE from 2005-2008. After winning the 2005 Diva Search, Massaro was a staple of WWE programming for four years. She was a manager for Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and had a Playboy cover and appearance in 2007. Massaro had previously appeared in Playboy twice before.

Outside of wrestling, Massaro appeared on Survivor in 2007. She was voted off the island after less than a week.

Condolences to Massaro’s family and fans.

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