Sunday night is WWE Money in the Bank live at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut and this event should be very interesting. MITB is the first pay-per-view since WrestleMania and the Superstar Shake-up so finally we are seeing different matches and different feuds.

I don’t see that much shock and awe Sunday night in Connecticut so setting up the odds for MITB was not too hard. I see all champions retaining their belts and matches of the night will be both MITB Ladder Matches stealing the show.

Now, without any more delay here are opening MITB odds with my final predictions. Keep in my mind my predictions are what the books will want to see happen and what could make further WWE pay-per-views more interesting in an oddsmakers point of view.

RAW Steel Cage Match

The Miz -500

Shane McMahon +300

Let’s be honest here, does anybody really want to see this Steel Cage Match between Shane McMahon and The Miz? This storyline is dead and the betting action will also be dead. Is there any betting value with Shane McMahon +300? Not a chance!  And Sunday morning I will probably move this number to The Miz -600 or higher.

Prediction: The Miz

Smackdown Singles Match

Roman Reigns -300

Elias +240

I’m not going to lie, the Roman Reigns and Elias feud has been entertaining but too bad because I see Reigns dominating this match. I would be ecstatic to see Elias get the big win over the ‘Big Dog’ but I just don’t see that happening Sunday night. I’m shocked at how well the chemistry happened between these two and with that it wouldn’t shock me to see this feud carry over after MITB. No betting value again in this match as Reigns wins this match and here is another match that will close -600 or higher.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

RAW United States Title Match

Rey Mysterio +240

Samoa Joe -300

Samoa Joe destroyed Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, beating him within one minute and on Sunday I hope this match goes quicker. The only thing I want to see in this match is Samoa Joe putting the Coquina Clutch on Rey Mysterio’s son. This MITB match could be a snoozefest and for betting action this match could be the lowest bet match on the card.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

RAW Women’s Title Match

Becky Lynch -500

Lacey Evans +350

Becky Lynch’s first title defense of the RAW Women’s Title is against Lacey Evans and, I’m sorry, but why is she even getting a title shot? Lacey Evans hasn’t shown the viewers anything since she has been on RAW and I’m shocked she is getting this title shot. Spoiler Alert: If anyone is beating Lynch Sunday night it will be Charlotte and that would leave Lynch on RAW and Charlotte at Smackdown. No matter what happens, Becky Lynch will have one or two belts at the end of the night.

No betting value with Lynch in this match and if you want to throw away your money with Lacey, please do. I will need the Lacey Evans money all weekend long.

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Prediction: Becky Lynch

Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Becky Lynch -145
Charlotte Flair +115

Is it me or is Becky Two-Belts not carrying over well? For this reason, I believe getting Charlotte Flair at plus-money is a good bet. I’m also tired of the Lynch versus Flair matches so giving the victory to Charlotte and letting her go back to Smackdown as the champ is a good move for both brands. For an oddsmaker point-of-view, we will probably need Lynch to win because the public will bet Charlotte since she is plus money. This match right here is the only match that could go either way so at the end of the day I’m just hoping for two-way betting action.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair

Smackdown Title Match

Kevin Owens +210

Kofi Kingston -260

As a fan of the WWE, I would love to see Kevin Owens get the championship belt back but as a Wrestling oddsmaker, I will be rooting for Kofi to continue his reign as the champ. This will be Kofi’s first title defense as champ and I just don’t see him dropping the belt at MITB. If Sunday was SummerSlam then we might have a different story. I wanted to open Kofi around -300 or higher but we always get Owens money so I played it safe and kept Kofi under -300 to start.

Prediction: Kofi Kingston

RAW Universal Title Match

Seth Rollins -480
AJ Styles +340

The RAW brand landed one of the biggest names in WWE as AJ Styles is now on Monday night and Sunday night we start with Styles against the Universal Champ Seth Rollins. Rollins is a huge favorite and I don’t see him losing the belt after beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Right now Rollins is the man and he will hold the belt for a while so if you are a wrestling betting man hurry up and bet Rollins at -480 because this number will climb.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

Women’s MITB Ladder Match

Mandy Rose +225
Bayley +250
Ember Moon +300
Dana Brooke +1000
Natalya +1200
Naomi +1400
Carmella +1600

Prediction: Bayley +250

Men’s MITB Ladder Match

Drew McIntyre -130
Andrade +250
Baron Corbin +1100
Sami Zayn +1200

Mustafa Ali +1400
Randy Orton +1400
Finn Balor +1500
Ricochet +1600

The Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match in my eyes could be the total opposite of what we could see in the ladies ladder match. I see one winner and one winner only Sunday night and that guy is Drew McIntyre. Early money came in on Baron Corbin so I can already tell you that I will not be rooting for him. I’m not saying this match will be a bore but I only see two guys that would make sense for climbing up the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre

– Raphael Esparza is a writer/handicapper from Doc’s Sports Service and he is as Oddsmaker Consultant for and follow him @VSIDocsports and his Entertainment odds @BetCelebs.

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