Full Press Coverage is proud to announce the creation of a new podcast. This most recent addition to the Full Press Radio Network is called the Full Press Fantasy Podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to introduce the fantasy sports world to Full Press Coverage. With a diverse writing staff covering all major sports and every NFL team, Full Press Coverage has a lot to offer the fantasy world.

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Full Press Coverage is known in large part for its NFL content. Therefore, the focus will be primarily on fantasy football.  The door is open for other sports to be involved. However, there need to be additions to Full Press Fantasy Sports staff before that can be done. With the current roster, fantasy football is the topic of expertise.

To host the new podcast, three members of the Full Press Coverage staff came together. Their goal is to revitalize the fantasy football content offered by Full Press Coverage. Here is the team behind the Full Press Fantasy Podcast.


Alessandro Senatore – @AMS1928

Full Press Coverage Writer – New York Jets, Fantasy Football, Carolina Panthers

Kyle Senra – @nyama_ks

Full Press Coverage Managing Editor – Fantasy Sports

Dean Williams – badappleFFB

Full Press Coverage Managing Editor – Philadelphia Eagles

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In the first episode, Alessandro, Dean and Kyle give further details about their lives and how they came to be part of the Full Press Coverage family. Furthermore, each of the guys bring forth rookies as topics of discussion. They talk about players from all offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, TE).

In addition to the planned program, the co-hosts react to the latest news surrounding the New York Jets front office.

You can check out episode one of the Full Press Fantasy Podcast below.

Thank you for listening. Keep an eye out for future episode dropping weekly. Also, be sure to check out all of the other podcasts on the Full Press Radio Network.

– Kyle Senra is the managing editor for the Full Press Fantasy Sports. He covers the NFL. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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