While other assistant coaches will garner more attention, the Raiders employ one that may have the toughest job ahead. Edgar Bennett toils behind the scenes, furiously working to construct a group that gives the Raiders the best possible outcome. With that said, here’s three expectations and tasks that he needs to help the offense.

Check Brown

During his tenure in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown’s relationship deteriorated with coaches and teammates. With Bennett, he will see a widely-respected coach that garners reverence. In Green Bay, he helped turn the Packers’ wideouts into better talent. However, Brown’s route-running acumen is not up for debate. Instead, Bennett needs to be both sounding board and line establishment. That is to say, when Antonio Brown becomes angry, Bennett needs to diffuse this situation. Yet, he will not coddle or protect Brown from criticism. For the first time in years, someone will possess the voice to help Antonio Brown keep a clear head.

Refine Doss and Ateman

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If you look, Marcell Ateman and Keelan Doss could fight for the same roster spot. Under those circumstances, Bennett needs to figure out which could provide the Raiders with more upside. First, while Ateman profiles as the biggest and strong wideout, Doss’ route tree surpasses him. However, Jin Gruden may have a tough time cutting a 6’5” receiver that could win the red zone. On the other hand, Doss brings the ability to volume catch and operate from anywhere on the field. For Bennett, he needs to examine both and see which is the best fit for the Raiders.


When the Raiders drafted Hunter Renfrow, Ryan Grant must’ve been confused. While no one except Brown and Williams are guaranteed a roster spot, slot looked solved. The veteran Grant brings a bigger frame and experience to the third receiver role. However, Renfrow runs better routes and doesn’t drop many passes. Not to mention, Gruden loves Renfrow and envisions him within the offense. On a micro level, the job is solely Bennett’s to get the rookie up to speed this summer.

As mentioned, outside of Green Bay, Edgar Bennett could walk by undetected. Yet, the Raiders employ a coach that knows how to craft quality receiving corps. Head coaches trust him. The Raiders finally possess a deep, talented receiver group. Bennett must help harness and focus the enormous potential.

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