Lost within the busy offseason and training camp prep, the Raiders players wait for the actually summer to heat up. Yet, with attention centered on the coach, and quarterback, of the most important players begins his season. While Rodney Hudson’s should ring a bell, he toils in a quiet space that remains undiscussed. For the Raiders, Hudson’s role should never be discounted.


In most situations, the center acts as the dominant line member. Other than the quarterback, the center speaks most. As a result, the trust between the passer and snapper remains vital to any long-term success. However for Hudson, it goes deeper than that. Hudson blocked for Carr as he learned the ropes. Additionally, during his formative years, Carr enjoyed facing little pressure from the middle

“Rodney Hudson is not only one of my best friends, (but) probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever been around,” Carr said. “Football-wise, he’s probably the best player I’ve ever played with. I know it’s hard to say for a center, and when the Top 100 comes out he won’t be a top-10 guy. But he should be. What he has to deal with on a week-to-week basis, and then me changing his calls, he does a lot on the field…

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Demanding Job

When facing larger and stronger opponents, Hudson relies on his timing, instincts, and technique to keep Carr clean. When many defensive tackles will test Hudson’s power, the Raiders center never seems to panic or struggle. On top of that, making the adjustments need to thwart the blitz. In fact, when the Raiders faced the Browns, Hudson stepped up and his head coach noticed.

“He was unbelievable today,” Gruden said during his postgame press conference. “People have no idea what a center does. (Cleveland defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams was blitzing from everywhere — every possible look known to man. Rodney Hudson put our offensive line and our backs in position to at least have a chance to drop back and throw it. Those are hard blitzes to pick up, and I give our captain a lot of credit.”

As mentioned, the Oakland Raiders enjoy a center that routinely defeats opponents Regardless of circumstance, the Raiders need to retain Rodney Hudson. After this season, Hudson’s contract expires. Now, all indication suggests that the Raiders would retain their All Pro.

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