When Te’von Coney signed with the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, many sat back in amazement. How did the talented Notre Dame product manage to fall out of the draft? While the process is not an exact science, most analysts thought he would sit somewhere on Day 3. However, thirty-one linebackers  found new teams via the draft, while Coney sat home. Meanwhile, the Raiders swooped in to sign him.


For four years, Mike Mayock served as the color commentator for Notre Dame on NBC. As a result, he maintained close ties with coaches. Under those circumstances, you’d expect some inside insight. Mike Mayock relies on his instinct and the profound connections that he possesses, Coney did not stay unsigned for long. The Raiders jumped at the chance, inking him to a free agent deal.


With Whitehead, Burfict and Marshall presumed to start, Coney could wait for his chance, after the vets. However, with a strong camp, he could push for playing time. Although he does not possess elite size, Coney’s ability to take smart pursuit angles and close on the target remains above average. Coney’s instincts to the ball will give him a sure shot to make noise this summer. Possessing a feel for the play is an innate quality.

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Making Amends

In 2016, Indiana authorities arrested for possession of marijuana. In the big picture, weed is not the most pressing issue. Yet, in Indiana, they frown on such matters. In 2017, Coney spoke about his situation.

“I made a mistake, and I was able to offset the mistake I made that embarrassed the University, my family and myself. Being able to get over and follow the traits coach talks about to help you become a better person, football player, and student. 

“I’ve seen improvement in my life on and off the field. Following the process and traits has made me a better man. It’s a privilege to be here to follow the traits and process to do great things like I am doing right now.”


The Raiders need youth at linebacker. Te’von Coney provides them with the ability to build a deep unit with younger backups that could possibly steal a job.


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