SmackDown Live Recap: May 28, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Rowan Told A Knock-Knock Joke

SmackDown Live tonight looks to focus on the Kofi Kingston-Kevin Owens rivalry. The two are announced for a match on the show, but Dolph Ziggler will likely be lurking around nearby. Ziggler & Kingston meet at Super ShowDown on June 7th in Saudi Arabia. As well, Bayley is scheduled to battle Lacey Evans in a cross-brand matchup. All of this, plus likely some more R-Truth 24/7 Championship shenanigans, tonight on SmackDown Live.


  • Kofi Kingston def. Kevin Owens
  • Mandy Rose def. Carmella
  • R-Truth def. Drake Maverick to defend the 24/7 Championship
  • Elias def. R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship
  • Bayley def. Lacey Evans
  • Roman Reigns & R-Truth def. Drew McIntyre & Elias
  • R-Truth def. Elias to win the 24/7 Championship

Match of the Night: Kofi Kingston def. Kevin Owens via pinfall after Trouble in Paradise

This match was described as a “pay-per-view” quality match by commentators to start the night, and it delivered. These two have good in-ring chemistry that has improved throughout their feud. Kingston plays as good a “babyface in peril” as anyone in wrestling, and Owens was vicious throughout. Having Owens lose again does make him look weak, but if there’s anyone who can get heat back quickly it’s him.

Three Thoughts:

The Planet’s Champions

The SmackDown tag team division could have gone to the wayside with the Usos leaving and Hardys injured. Daniel Bryan and Rowan are here not just to save the planet, but also the division. Was it smart to have them rip on the division as a joke? Not really, but it did set up a good faceoff with fun babyface team Heavy Machinery. The two teams are natural enemies, with Bryan & Rowan wanting to save the world and Heavy Machinery indulging always in steaks and weights. There is hope for the blue tag division yet.

Simple Things

The show this week was good at doing little things to show character. Wrestling booking doesn’t have to be any harder than “what are the things these two wrestlers would disagree over” and letting them fight. Mandy Rose showing off her magazine cover while Ember Moon reads a book backstage shows that they’re different. Charlotte & Lacey Evans talked about their mutual dislike of Bayley and Becky Lynch. After the match, however, Evans & Charlotte still attacked each other because they’re both awful heels. It makes sense.

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The 24/7 Championship had smart booking tonight as well. R-Truth managed to scurry away from some competitors, but Elias smartly took advantage of Truth ending up in the ring. Truth regained it after Reigns speared Elias twice later in the night. Having the matches and storylines intersect and weave together makes for a better show overall.

The Setting of the Son

It’s time for Shane McMahon to take a break from television. It was “Shane McMahon Appreciation Night” and it elicited only groans in the audience and online. Yes, Shane is a heel and he’s supposed to do things that bother fans. However, having him take up a prime feud spot on Raw and SmackDown Live by feuding simultaneously with Roman Reigns and The Miz seems ridiculous. Drew McIntyre and Elias don’t need Shane to get them television time. Instead, Shane should go back off screen and let the full time wrestlers get more featured positions.

Grade: B

A solid show overall. The show had segments that intertwined, and featured secondary and tag team titles. The 24/7 Championship continues to be entertaining television, but the segments may need to be changed up soon so as to not get stale. WWE also learned from their mistake last night, and gave the audience a great match to start the night instead of waiting 51 minutes for some wrestling.

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One More Thing:

When Drake Maverick finally wins the 24/7 Championship, it will be a “Heath Slater Winning The SmackDown Live Tag Titles And A Job” level pop and I can’t wait.

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