New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman’s competence and intelligence has also come under fire more than once this offseason.

The detractors’ voices were already loud after wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and defensive end Olivier Vernon were traded to the Cleveland Browns for safety Jabrill Peppers, guard Kevin Zeitler, their first-round pick (17th overall, used to select Clemson nose tackle Dexter Lawrence), and their second-round pick (95th overall, used to select Old Dominion linebacker Oshane Ximines).

Gettleman’s football acumen was further questioned when he traded the Giants’ second-round (37th overall), fourth-round (132nd overall), and fifth-round (142nd overall) picks to the Seattle Seahawks for their first-round pick (30th overall, used to select Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker).

A year ago, in a draft that saw four quarterbacks selected in the first 10 picks, the Giants grabbed current Offensive Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley at No. 2. Despite Barkley’s success, Gettleman was dragged through the proverbial hot coals for picking him because the team needed a successor to the now 38-year-old Eli Manning. Fast forward to ’19, many thought he flew off the reservation completely when the Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick.

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Gettleman hasn’t done himself any favors with the seemingly unconventional way he conducts business and the blunt manner in which he speaks. Some of his former players have gone on the record about how much they despise him. To add insult to injury, he was ranked 26th of 32 NFL general managers by the sports site For the Win:

It was all good just three years ago. After Dave Gettleman put the finishing touches on Carolina’s 15-1, he spent the ensuing years tarnishing his reputation with his outdated philosophy. Gettleman really jumped the shark this offseason, failing to get good value out of any of first-round picks and getting rid of the Giants’ three best players. And seemingly all of this was in an effort to appease Eli Freaking Manning.

This assessment is reaching at best, premature to say the least. Gettleman is entering his second season on the job. The Giants were a dumpster fire when he arrived. No matter what armchair GMs or certain talking heads may think, the Giants’ issues were not going to be solved in one offseason. It is much too early to determine whether or not the Giants’ first-round picks will work out. They haven’t even played in a preseason game yet.

The write-up mentioned Gettleman getting rid of the Giants’ three best players. What it didn’t mention is that all three players have dealt with significant injuries. There might something to complain about when Landon Collins signs with a division rival but not using the franchise tag on him was the prudent move to make (especially when Collins said he wouldn’t play under the franchise tag…after he first said he wouldn’t be an issue).

Fifty-three Super Bowls have been played. Gettleman has been a part of nine Super Bowl teams as an administrator or executive. His track record should speak louder than the armchair GMs, talking heads, or writers who just don’t like him or disagree with the moves he’s made. Simply put, it is too early in the process to determine whether the moves he made this offseason will result in deep postseason runs or picking from the top of the draft order.

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