The Tennessee Titans have enjoyed the luxury of not having to worry about their cornerback situation over the last couple of seasons. Adoree Jackson has continued to develop on one side. Malcolm Butler played much better football the last half of the 2018 season. Finally, Logan Ryan has held down the fort in the slot for the last 2 years.

However, one of those talents is without a contract next season. If you guessed Logan Ryan, congratulations, you’re at least a little bit smart.

Ryan has been one of the more consistent performers for the Titans ever since he signed a 3 year, $30M deal with the team prior to the 2-17 season. He’s shut down opposing slot receivers and hasn’t made an outrageous number of mistakes to put his contract in question. The problem many might not like is the number of interceptions he’s recorded ever since he became a Tennessee Titan.

It isn’t a measly 1 or 2, in fact he’s recorded zero interceptions as a Titan.

Maybe a bit of a problem if you ask me.

So much of a problem that the Titans could consider letting Ryan walk. Who knows what the Titans’ front office philosophy is on contract value for a slot corner with empty stats. Especially since slot corners these days are racking up stats like hot cakes and demanding top cornerback money on the secondary market. They did take a 4th round flyer on Amani Hooker out of Iowa. Hooker can play nickel, box safety, long story short, he can play everywhere.

In reality, it isn’t out of the question that we could see a new slot corner next season.

But is that really going to happen? You can never know, especially with Jon Robinson being as unpredictable as he is. I would tend to believe that Robinson and the Titans’ front office would like to see an uptick in in production to justify a new contract for Ryan.

Ryan even had his own thoughts about the situation that he could face after this upcoming season. Talking about the obvious and even thinking him moving on could happen.

“But we’re excited for this year, it’s maybe our last run.”

I, for the most part, see it hard for the Titans to move on from Ryan after this season. Sure, there are plenty other slot corners in a tier above Ryan, justifying their big deals with the plays they make. Even making a name for their selves on that specific defense and standing out as maybe the best player on that defense overall.

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Ryan isn’t that, but he’s a guy who will do his job well, won’t have any problems in the locker room, and will be referenced as a resource for coaches when young guys need the extra help.

Also he’s amazing with animals. Even starting his own charity in Nashville that promotes adoptions of different animals in all parts of country. You can even donate here.

However, if that isn’t to come and Ryan is let go after this season, they’ll have Amani Hooker waiting in the wings after a year of sitting back and absorbing everything he could from Ryan himself.

Hooker is no slouch either, as said by PFF.

Hooker dominated out of the slot for the Hawkeyes this season, spending 279 coverage snaps from an inside alignment. He was targeted 47 times and brought in three interceptions, tying for the national lead in interceptions from the slot.

See? No slouch.

The ball is in Ryan’s court though, well most likely. If he doesn’t see an uptick in production, Robinson might seriously consider promoting Hooker up to starting slot corner and waving goodbye to Ryan in two tone blue.

If we do see production moving upward? The exact opposite. A very easy game to play.

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