We now have a new update on Tyreek Hill following yesterday’s announcement. According to the Kansas City Star, the criminal investigation against Hill from a child abuse probe is no longer active.

A lot has changed since Johnson County D.A. Steve Howe held a press conference a couple of months ago. In that press conference, he said then that a criminal case was no longer active as well. However, Howe did believe Hill’s son had been hurt, but who did what between Hill and his fiancé were not clear. In this latest update, Howe believes that those findings “still hold true.” Despite this new Tyreek Hill update coming out yesterday, Hill’s attorney says the criminal case has been closed for some time.

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On the other hand, a case with the Kansas Department for Children and Families is still on-going. The NFL is still awaiting on a conclusion from this investigation, before they take action on the matter. Even that, could take a while for a result to flourish. Hill still has yet to be interviewed by the NFL. Even though Howe says the criminal case is no longer active, this most likely will have no affect on the NFL’s investigation into the case.

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With that said, there is also an update on the football side of things. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network is reporting there is “no signs” that Hill will participate in the Chiefs mandatory minicamp next week. However, Pelissero does state “there is every reason to believe that Tyreek Hill will be back with the Chiefs before training camp begins late next month.”

Per the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, Hill can still be subject to a suspension regardless of charges or not. Last year, Jimmy Smith of the Ravens was suspended for four games for “threatening and emotionally abusive behavior” towards his ex-girlfriend. The comments heard from the audio tape of Hill and his fiancé could possibly fall under the same line. There is still much to consider before a decision could be made.

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