If you hop on social media, turn on any TV, or listen to any Raiders fan, Derek Carr is discussed. In modern memory, no other starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders garners this amount of diverse attention. As a result, Carr remains the most polarizing quarterback in recent team history. For all of his supports, Carr does possess his vast share of detractors. So, who is right? Complicated does not feel like a strong enough word to describe this situation.

Rabbit Ears

For all of Derek Carr’s on-field exploits, he hears every scintilla of criticism. From fans to media, Carr responds to the most inane dribbling. Mike Florio, who loves to stir the pot, routinely pokes Carr, to the point of Carr blocking him on social media.

“So, basically, the Raiders like Carr enough to keep him. Until they find someone they like better. And that could happen in as soon as 13 days, when the Raiders use any of the three first-round picks they hold in the 2019 draft.

If there was any ambiguity about that before, there shouldn’t be now. Meanwhile, I’m going to go check Carr’s Twitter feed.”

That feels rather petty, at the end. Smartassed and faux journalistic doesn’t help anyone. However, all Carr needs to do is ignore Florio and his trollish ilk. Stop giving oxygen to people that take unnecessary shots. Criticism rooting in truth is something that everyone needs.

Fan Stupidity

For all of Carr’s sensitivity, a segment of fandom exists that misjudged him. In 2016, the Raiders quarterback broke his leg versus the Colts. As a result, that effectively ended the season for the team. In 2017, Carr broke two small bones in his back versus the Broncos. Somehow, fans view Carr as a fragile, brittle player. Two pass rushers hit him. Not like he ran down the field and just snapped a bone. In all honestly, Carr held the ball too long in each case. While no one one should blame him outright, things happen in the game of football. Below, the following tweets display the idiocy of people that probably never played a sport.


On the other hand, the vigorous Carr defenders are also completely irritating. Before 2018, Carr’s completion percentage hovered around 62 percent. Additionally, from time to time, his deep ball tends to flutter from time to time. Or, he did not see Amari Cooper beating the corner. If you bring these up to Carr defenders, they attack. In football, as in life, we all should face critique. Perhaps, Carr’s most vocal defender is his brother , Darren. Granted, credit Darren for riding for his sibling. However, spending all day, jumping on dissenting fans, is just so tiring. Despite his successes, some will not like nor appreciate Derek Carr. Ignore it, and move along.


Now, I am just a writer of little renown. Yet, this is what Derek Carr needs to do. First, focus on what you can control: the Raiders offense. Next, actually respond to the serious and constructive criticism. If someone asks a tough but fair question, answer it. That is the measure of a leader. Enjoy the accolades, but endure the honest criticism. The Raiders fanbase, like many are divided among so many lines. Some will love him blindly, others won’t. Meanwhile, the truly smart will see the plusses and minuses with a clear mind.

In reality, Derek Carr will never be universally loved. That is fine. Who cares about that when leading an NFL team? Two things can be true simultaneously. Derek Carr is hypersensitive. Some of his criticism is unfair. Things like this must stop. With a revamped offense, the Raiders need their QB laser-focused on the big picture.




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