Over the next few weeks, we will profile a 2019 individual Raiders player. One of the players will be left tackle Kolton Miller. The others will rotate. However, Miller will serve as the overwhelming example. Few other Raiders hold the 2019 season in their hands like Miller. Granted, the encounter with Ngakoue arrives in December, but Miller can finish strong with a great performance

Yannick Ngakoue, Edge (Jacksonville)

2018 Stats: 28 tackles, 9 sacks


Ngakoue is hellacious off the edge. In addition, he presents a massive problem for Miller and the Raiders with one move. Granted, Ngakoue possesses other techniques. Yet, when you look at his rip move, it should concern the Raiders. First, look at Kolton Miller. Standing 6-foot-8, he concedes leverage immediately to shorter rushers. Ngakoue will stab his inside arm on the outside shoulder. In addition, his must keep moving. Ngakoue uses power to run through the tackle’s frame. On top of that, he uses leverage to get into the chest and torso of the tackle.

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Against Miller, Ngakoue must win initially. From the snap, while sacrificing weight, his burst and explosion must win early. If it doesn’t larger tackles will ride him away from the action. Or, they will stand him up. For the Raiders, Miller must get those hands on and use his size. Play from a position of strength.

Ngakoue Quote

“I put in a lot of work, a lot of focus and it’s not just about that,” Ngakoue said. “It’s about the film study, so I’m really trying to take that even more serious, putting more time in. Guys look up to me a lot, just seeing what I’m doing, so I just try to hold myself accountable. What it’s coming to mean is being early all the time, just doing everything the right way, even on the field. I’m still a young player going into my third season, but I’ve taken on a role where I can be a leader.”

With other top ends garnering the attention, Yannick Ngakoue will give the Raiders fits. Now, he will be the litmus test for Kolton Miller.

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