Raiders Point/Counterpoint: Worst Defense

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr

In a long, seemingly neverending offseason, Derek Carr’s names surfaces often. From second-guessing to stat projection, people offer a wide variety of opinion. Yet, while much can seem positive, some centers on the negative. However, Carr enjoyed a measure of success in 2018. Granted, nowhere near expected, but things to build on. The speculation irritated Carr during the offseason.

“Honestly, it got annoying after a while,” Carr admitted Tuesday after the team’s first OTA practice, in his first meeting with Bay Area media since the 2018 season finale. “I’m like, ‘Really, they don’t have nothing else to talk about?’ And I didn’t help the situation, trying to challenge people to fights.”

Meanwhile, Carr showed up and began his work on the upcoming season as the unquestioned starter.As a result, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs decided which opposing defense will Carr and the Raiders shred.

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What defense will Derek Carr shred?


Kansas City. Wild, right? Well, despite being blamed for the lackluster defensive effort last season, Bob Sutton devised ways to make life tough on Carr and in comes Steve Spagnuolo. Even with Sutton on board, Carr had carve ’em up games against the Chiefs. And with a revamped wide receiving unit and a young every-down back at his disposal, DC can slice the Chiefs defense — a unit that added pieces, but didn’t address everything.


Cincinnati. First, Paul Guenther knows the majority of the personnel. As a result, he can advise on their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, many of that Bengals core are getting a bit long in the tooth. While not ancient, you need to ask about their level of productivity. If we are being honest, the back seven should not scare the Raiders or Carr. Kirkpatrick and Jackson remain solid. However, neither possesses the twitch to stay with Antonio Brown or the long speed of Tyrell Williams. Under those circumstances, if the line blocks, Carr should enjoy plenty of time to find his targets. In addition, that linebacking corps may actually lag behind the Raiders.

Although the team struggled in 2018, the Raiders remain hopeful that their franchise quarterback will string together great games. Derek Carr can shut everyone up with a few solid performances in winnable games.


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