In an era where the WWE repeatedly failed to create new stars, they finally succeeded with Becky Lynch. However, due to their atrocious handling of her monster push, they’ve set the women’s division back because of it. As a result, fans maintain their tradition of not watching. Simultaneously, the WWE set Becky Lynch and the division to ultimately struggle.

The Beginning

After years of a peppy, rather plain existence, Lynch turned heel at Summerslam 2018. On August 19, 2018, The Man took flight. With ample mic time and an alteration in style, Lynch settled in and assume her persona. Through a sound social media game and sturdy booking, Lynch picked up steam. Fans flocked to watch. Her segments ranked among the best the company offered in years.

The Punch

In wrestling, some of the best moments occur when unscripted events seep into the storyline. After Nia Jax clumsily potatoed Lynch, the visual of her bloody face became iconic. In reality, Nia Jax’s failure to throw a working punch, effectively helped Becky Lynch make a quantum leap to stardom.

Heat Vultures

For as long as wrestling exists, promoters and executives will attempt to get themselves over at the expense of talent. No one exemplifies this better than the McMahon family. In this case, they ran a play from the “Stone Cold vs. McMahon” playbook. By painting Lynch as a hellraising outlaw, the McMahon family settled into their roles as TV time-leeching heels. In doing so, Lynch appeared on both shows, segment after segment. Additionally, she carried Ronda Rousey on social media, guiding her through hyping a match. Meanwhile, the McMahons satisfied their thirst for time. I mean, it’s so unlike a McMahon to turn away from the camera.


At the Royal Rumble, Asuka forced Lynch to submit. Yet, Lynch ended up winning the Women’s Royal Rumble. Meanwhile, Asuka would disappear from TV. If you are honest, you know Asuka is the far superior wrestler to Becky Lynch. Her strikes look cleaner. On top of that, her selling looks realistic. Asuka should have stood as Becky Lynch’s next opponent. However, the WWE would not have it.


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Granted, Charlotte Flair exudes the heelish preening that makes for an outstanding opponent. However, seeing her serve as a constant Lynch foil hurt the women’s roster. From out of nowhere, the company booked Charlotte over Asuka, right before Wrestlemania 35. Instead of the massive one-on-one between Lynch and Rousey, a clunky triple threat match occurred. While Charlotte and Lynch could draw long-term money, if booked properly, the E failed them.. In order to build Charlotte’s already strong resume, they hotshotted the Smackdown title to Charlotte after Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, an entire locker room of talent exists, just waiting for a chance.

Lacey Evans

When the WWE split Lynch from Charlotte, who did they match her with? Lacey Evans. Why? Let’s see, she’s blond, curvy and tall. Who does that sound like? Replacing Charlotte with Lacey Evans is akin to substituting Coca-Cola with lukewarm Great Value. Saying Lacey Evans remains an understatement. In her title chase, she never beat a contender. For weeks, she mostly walked the aisle and turned around. In the ring, her style is awkward lurching. Imagine an alligator stepping on Lego at 2AM. Yet, Lynch sells beautifully for Evans, including her Woman’s Right finisher. On the other hand, Evans sandbags Bayley’s finisher. With no backstory or lead-in, Evans sits atop of the contenders.

Cross Contamination

Now, somehow, the WWE weaves Lynch’s personal life into the fold. Recently, her relationship with Seth Rollins became public. From endless Charlotte matches to intertwining storylines with Rollins, the Man suffers awful booking.

The Landscape

For every Iiconic, Shayna Baszler exists on NXT, waiting for that call. Plus, Asuka is now a Kabuki Warrior/Viking Experience or whatever she is. Enough of Lacey Evans, Charlotte and the menagerie of aesthetic, book her better. Talents like Naomi and Sarah Logan remain unbooked in meaningful situations. Or, Baszler, the dominant NXT champ could give Lynch a credible threat in her reign.


While Becky Lynch rouses the crowd in attendance, fans begin to cool on her reign. Although not her fault, ratings and interest continue to wane. If WWE Creative does not pull themselves from this abyss of bad writing, the Lynch Era will fade. While time exists to repair the damage, no hope exists. Becky Lynch is the most charismatic wrestler, male or female, in the business right now. With every passing TV date, the WWE continues to book her poorly.

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