Stomping Grounds is making its debut, and has some interesting matches on the card. Seven title matches are on the card, along with a few rematches from Super ShowDown. Who will be carrying titles into Extreme Rules next month? Ryan, Javier & Evan take a shot at predicting who will win at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs Big E & Xavier Woods

Javier: Owens should be in line to challenge for the WWE Championship after this PPV so WWE will try to keep him looking strong. This has the potential to be match of the night.

Pick – Owens & Zayn

Ryan: It is surprising to see Big E back in the ring so quickly after his injury. His absence from TV was definitely felt, but his antics on social media, kept him in the spotlight. Owens and Zayn are a great pairing. Their chemistry is obvious, and they compliment the other perfectly. I don’t see The New Day suffering another loss, I’m going with Woods and Big E.

Pick – New Day

Evan: For two guys who are legitimately top heels when treated properly, Owens and Zayn are so rarely treated properly. A win here is needed.

Pick – Owens & Zayn

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese (c) vs Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa

Javier: Nese hasn’t really done much as champion yet and for that reason alone I think they won’t be moving the title off of him. Gulak is his biggest challenger to take the title, but I believe that switch happens at SummerSlam, not this show.

Pick – Tony Nese

Ryan: 205 Live consistently puts on great matches. Every single pay-per-view, the 205 roster has knocked it out of the park. This match should be exciting from bell to bell. It will be interesting to see what comes after this match, but I’m holding out hope it involves Tozawa holding that title. My heart says Tozawa, so let’s go with that!

Pick – Akira Tozawa

Evan: Drew Gulak should have become Cruiserweight champion when he was on a roll last summer. It screams “classic WWE” to have them put the belt on him now when it’s less impactful. Also a babyface chase is typical 205 Live booking.

Pick – Drew Gulak

Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns

Javier: Roman took the loss at Super Showdown to Shane McMahon. Although McIntyre should beat Reigns and continue to build heat for himself, Reigns just isn’t losing two PPV matches in a row.

Pick – Roman Reigns

Ryan: The focus on Shane McMahon has made this match a lot less interesting. Reigns and McIntyre are both destined to be major figures in the future of the company, but this will likely be a boring match. The overall enjoyment factor from this match will heavily depend on where it is slated on the card. I see McIntyre taking this matchup, likely with some shenanigans.

Pick – Drew McIntyre

Evan: Is WWE done booking Reigns like Superman? He did lose to Shane McMahon, but he’s the best in the world. Reigns will overcome McIntyre this time.

Pick – Roman Reigns

SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c)  vs Heavy Machinery

Javier: Bryan and Rowan have big potential with those titles and while their run hasn’t started as hot as it should’ve, they should retain the belts here. Heavy Machinery could be huge one day, but they need more character development and heat before being crowned champions.

Pick – Bryan & Rowan

Ryan: I am a huge fan of Heavy Machinery. To put it plainly, they’re two hogs who are entertaining and can do some work in the ring. It would be exciting to see them come out victorious, but also great to see this story continue through August. In the end, it is difficult to see anyone beating Bryan and Rowan. Another match I’m looking forward to, but the champs retain, for now.

Pick – Bryan & Rowan

Evan: If the champs win clean, it knocks Heavy Machinery down into the abyss of tag teams on Tuesday nights. It also feels too early for Heavy Machinery to be champions. They’ll win the match, but I foresee a DQ or countout finish to keep the belts on the Planet’s Champions.

Pick – Heavy Machinery

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United States Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Ricochet

Javier: This match could either be really good or really bad depending on how WWE books it. Joe just got the belt back and hasn’t really done much with either one of his reigns, so I think he beats Ricochet here. I’m hoping it’s in a screwy finish or by having Ricochet pass out because this is a program I want to see multiple matches out of.

Pick – Samoa Joe

Ryan: It’s been nice to Ricochet once again featured in a major feud. That said, it seems like this may just be a case of one high-flyer replacing another. Joe has been a formidable champion. Seeing what Joe has done with the title, makes me yearn for a Universal or WWE title run. Joe will do his thing and dominate this match. It should be fun, but Joe retains.

Pick – Samoa Joe

Evan: If WWE wants to strap a rocket to Ricochet, now is the chance. Give him the title with a definitive victory, and then have him continue to defend against Joe or Cesaro. Plus we all love a seething Joe, right?

Pick – Ricochet

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs Alexa Bliss

Javier: This is Bayley’s redemption for that awful storyline two years ago that completely ruined her character. She should win and should win convincingly. Then again, lol WWE gives a title to Alexa again.

Pick – Bayley

Ryan: Bliss should not be in this match. I’m sorry, she’s entertaining and definitely is a rising star, but she’s been away due to injury and has not earned the shot. That being said, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Bliss leave with the title. The hope is that Bayley gets the much needed title defense victory, and keeps the belt a bit longer. Bayley wins.

Pick – Bayley

Evan: I refuse to believe the brand split is dead. Alexa Bliss is a Raw superstar. She won’t win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. If it does, I may move from the denial stage to the acceptance stage of grieving the death of the brand split.

Pick – Bayley

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans

Javier: Lacey Evans could be a player one day. Today is not that day. Becky should win convincingly, end the feud, and more on to better things.

Pick – Becky Lynch

Ryan: Lacey Evans is finding her footing on the main roster. Her persona is getting better with each passing day, but it is not yet her time. Lynch is the best thing going for the women’s division across both shoes. Maybe in a year or two, Evans finds a way to pull it out. This time however, The Man comes out on top.

Pick – Becky Lynch

Evan: When this match was first announced, my thought was that Evans would be walking away with the belt. With how lukewarm her reception has been and tepid the feud has been built, it doesn’t feel like the time to end Lynch’s reign.

Pick – Becky Lynch

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Javier: Dolph is a placeholder challenger for Kofi because Daniel Bryan got hurt and Kevin Owens refused to go to Saudi Arabia. This will be a good match, but Kofi will retain. Hopefully Brock doesn’t come out here.

Pick – Kofi Kingston

Ryan: This has been a fun ride. It is nice to see Ziggler getting time at the top again. It’s a shame that this couldn’t have been done later this summer, eventually culminating in a title match at SummerSlam. I don’t see a surprise here, Kofi retains and gets the last laugh.

Pick – Kofi Kingston

Evan: Kingston isn’t going to lose his first WWE Championship to Dolph Ziggler. I was worried that Lesnar might show up, but he probably won’t be at a minor show like Stomping Grounds.

Pick – Kofi Kingston

WWE Universal Championship with mystery Special Guest Referee: Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin

Javier: Rollins is still in the infancy of his reign, which cooled off the second Baron Corbin came knocking. Under no circumstance should Corbin become champion. Rollins should retain, finish Corbin off at Extreme Rules, and then move on the my pitched feud that I wrote about.

Pick – Seth Rollins

Ryan: If Baron Corbin wins this match and becomes the new Universal Champion, I’m 90% certain there will be a riot. Corbin is a great villain and should be commended for the way he can get fans to hate him. That said, nothing about this feud has interested me and if anything, it only further cements Rollins as the champion.

Pick – Seth Rollins

Evan: The winner of this match is less fun to speculate about than the mystery referee. Rollins will in all likelihood retain, but who will be the ref? My pitch: Corbin can’t find anyone (because he has no friends, remember?) and WWE uses Kurt Angle as the special guest to get one more shot in on Corbin.

Pick – Seth Rollins

We’re all on the same page for the four biggest title matches, but a ton of differentiation on the rest of the card. Who do you have winning at the inaugural Stomping Grounds? Check in with Full Press Coverage Wrestling for all your coverage and analysis needs.

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