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Mojo Rawley Re-signs with WWE

WWE will continue to stay hyped for the next few years. According to ProWrestlingSheet, Mojo Rawley has re-signed with the WWE. While contract details are not known, it is a multi-year deal.

Rawley has been on the main roster since 2016. He won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 33. Rawley has undergone a recent character change, but hasn’t had lots of time on Raw or SmackDown to show fans his new gimmick. He has been doing lots of Youtube promos instead.

CZW Tournament of Death Results

One of the most beloved indy events of the year took place this weekend (h/t PWInsider). Combat Zone Wrestling’s Tournament of Death had its 18th installment. The eight-man tournament came down to Conor Claxton and Dan O’Hare, with Claxton winning it all.

The CZW Tournament of Death started in 2002, and has had many stars participate. Jon Moxley, Jimmy Havoc, Tim Donst, Nic Gage, and Necro Butcher have all participated in past tournaments. For a deep dive into CZW by Vice, click here for a documentary.

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24/7 Championship Changes Hands at Wedding

Drake Maverick walked into his wedding with the 24/7 Championship. However, he didn’t walk out with it. After saying “I do”, Maverick was rolled up by R-Truth and pinned during his own wedding.

The title change was confirmed by WWE, meaning Truth is back as 24/7 Champion. Even without the belt, here’s hoping Maverick enjoyed his wedding day. All the best to Maverick and his wife on the union. She even chimed in, hopefully joking, on the whole ordeal.

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