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Seth Rollins Defends WWE on Twitter

The WWE Universal Champion took to Twitter on Sunday night to tout WWE as the best wrestling in the world. He defended the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view.


Rollins’ tweets caught the attention of Will Ospreay. That lead to an interesting exchange between Ospreay and Rollins:

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Stomping Grounds Attendance Numbers

WWE’s Stomping Grounds garnered relatively positive reviews from fans. Unfortunately for WWE, the show did not draw the amount of fans they would have hoped. Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t 411Mania) reports that only 4000-5000 tickets were sold for the event in Tacoma, Washington.

The show was known for a hot crowd that was very into the matches. Having some of the crowd tarped off would help with the noise levels. As well, there are reports of decent walk-up ticket numbers. Still, a max of around 6000 fans is still very low for a WWE pay-per-view.

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WWE Matches No Longer Running During Commercial?

According to reports from WrestlingInc, Vince McMahon has made a change to WWE production. In a meeting last week, Vince gave the ruling that matches will no longer take place during commercials. This will mirror more traditional sports. Since they do not have any action taking place during the commercial break, neither will WWE.

This would explain the increase in two-out-of-three falls matches on WWE television. There are other ideas in mind, including switching to a rounds system as detailed by PWInsider

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