Raiders backup Nathan Peterman played well in college. He spent two years at Tennessee, in which he recorded 94 passing yards and 2 interceptions, before transferring to the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). At Pitt, Peterman posted much better numbers, throwing for 5,142 yards and 47 touchdowns. While these numbers did not get Peterman any first-round looks, he did impress enough to get drafted in 2017. Plus, ESPN invited him to appear on Gruden’s QB Camp.

Gruden Infatuation

On Peterman’s episode, Gruden gushes over Peterman. The pair discussed Peterman’s trickshot videos, showcasing Peterman’s accuracy and impressing Gruden. Gruden also seems impressed with just about everything about Peterman as Gruden compliments his arm strength, throwing accuracy, and his heart. It appears that Gruden gives exquisite compliments and is truly enthralled in Nathan Peterman.

Gruden liking Peterman back then should instill hope in fans. With how highly regarded of a “quarterback guru” Gruden is, fans should trust that Gruden knows what he is talking about (at least when it comes to quarterbacks.

Fan Reaction

Nevertheless, does it instill hope? Or will fans hang their head in defeat if Peterman finds himself under center in an important game?

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Fans can be quick to write off a player based on their past, but there is another outlook to look in to. “Promising until proven bad” is the mantra a positive thinker can take with Peterman. He has not thrown a single interception for the Oakland Raiders. He has not fumbled snaps or botched handoffs as a member of the Oakland Raiders. Allow this man a clean slate and do not let his past affect the hope for the future.

Awful Entry

Almost from his first NFL start, a game in which Peterman threw five interceptions in the first half, losing fan support. It is quite possible he will not live his first career start down.

In the Disney movie, “Peter Pan” (which coincidentally can sound a lot like “Peterman”), Tinkerbell cannot survive without people believing in her. While it is not an exact comparison, there is a lesson to learn. Ideally, the backup quarterback will only come into the game to run out the clock. But, should Peterman find himself thrown into a critical situation, he should be shown nothing but support.

Only Hope

I, for one, believe in Jon Gruden’s ability to evaluate a quarterback. Peterman is only two years removed from college. As a result, he is still relatively young. There should be a belief that he possesses moldable tools.  Again, it would be ideal for Peterman to never take a meaningful snap for the Oakland Raiders. Oakland has their guy, in Derek Carr. However, it is never a bad idea for a team’s backup to be the best and most confident they can be.




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