Fantasy Football Mock Draft (06/25)

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In my second Mock Draft of the season, I started to familiarize myself with the depth at each position and really started to get into the drafting mindset. Using Draft Wizard, I completed a mock draft in less than 10 minutes. Here are my results from this Mock Draft (06/25).

My Team

This time around, I was not as happy with my team compared to my previous mock draft. However, this was against the computer and unlike playing against people, the better players did not tend to slip far.

To my surprise, Draft Wizard graded my draft an “A+” and I scored a 97/100. I obviously did something right.

Round 1 – 2

I think if you have a top 6 pick this season, there is no way to mess it up. There are six sure-fire running backs. Here, I took my second-ranked player with the third pick. In a 12 team league, having the second-best player is never a bad thing. Next time around, I just missed on a few second tier players, but Nick Chubb was definitely the best pick here. The running back tier took a big dip after Chubb. Plus, there were 4 top wide receivers left so I played the numbers and took the running back.

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Rounds 3 – 5

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Three wide receivers went in the next four picks and made my selection fairly simple. Keenan Allen was the final WR1 on the board so I did not hesitate to pull the trigger. Next, I took my QB1 overall. Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers were surprisingly already taken and I knew I would not have the luxury of taking Andrew Luck again. Therefore, as I said in my latest article, I reached for my quarterback and locked up the player who I believe will end the season with the most total fantasy points. With my next pick, I took Kenyan Drake. I love his upside in 2019 and believe he will finish as an RB2 in all leagues. This was another easy selection.

Rest of Starting Lineup

Two rounds later, Sterling Shepard filled my need for a second WR. In my previous mock draft, Shepard was on my bench. This time around, I made sure to load up on running backs early and I had to roll the dice on, of all teams, the New York Giants best wide receiver. David Njoku was my final starting skill player. I took him in favor of Jared Cook, who I ended up selecting with the following pick. Nojku is a risky pick, which is why I took a second TE. He is surrounded by a lot of weapons for second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield to throw to, but he is a good enough player to roll the dice on. Then lastly, I finished my starting lineup by taking the Saints defense and Harrison Butker. Nothing too exciting.

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The Bench

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I really like the upside and value that my bench has. Of the six, one of them is bound to have a starting value by the season’s end. Chris Carson will compete with only Rashaad Penny for carries in the Seahawks backfield. Furthermore, only three running backs outscored Carson in the final six weeks of 2018. Keke Coutee may not receive the same amount of targets as he did last year, but in a PPR league, he’s worth the risk. Anthony Miller and Donte Moncrief were my last two wide receivers selected. I think Miller will strive in the slot this season and Moncrief will be Roethlisberger’s second option. Then to clean up my bench, I took a backup quarterback for two reasons. One, it is tough to forget Luck’s injury-riddled past. Two, Lamar Jackson has a chance to become one of the best fantasy players in 2019. His skill set is unmatched and is going to win the AFC North for the Ravens.

This team is not the best team I have ever taken, but I love the upside of this roster. Sure, it could fall on its face, but there is enough firepower to send this team to the playoffs and win a game or two when there.

Draft Wizard Grade: 97/100

My Grade: 90/100

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