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WWE To Stream Evolve 10th Anniversary

Evolve’s 10th Anniversary special will stream live on the WWE Network on July 13th, according to The Wrap. It will be the first show from an outside company to stream live on the WWE Network. The show will take place in the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia. It will also take place the same night as an AEW event, Fight For The Fallen. This could be seen as WWE programming a direct response to AEW.

Matches announced include Adam Cole defending the NXT Championship against 205 Live’s Akira Tozawa. Matt Riddle will also battle Drew Gulak, making it four former Evolve talents appearing from WWE.

Jinder Mahal Re-signs With WWE

A former WWE Champion will not be leaving the company any time soon. According to ProWrestlingSheet, multiple sources have reported that Jinder Mahal re-signed with the WWE. His deal is reportedly for five years.

WWE has reportedly started trying to lock down talent to long-term contracts so they can’t sign with AEW or other companies. Mahal, 32 years old, is known as the first WWE Champion of Indian descent. He is also a former United States Champion and 24/7 Champion.

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CazXL Details Struggles With Depression and Alcoholism  

The former Big Cass has released a video detailing his comeback from struggles with depression and alcoholism. Cass, now known as CazXL on the indies, released a video through DDP Yoga detailing the struggles he had with drinking as self-medication in the past years. He also discusses in detail the seizure he suffered at a House of Hardcore event in December 2018. (h/t to CagesideSeats on the video).

In the video, CazXL talks about living with depression and the misconceptions surrounding mental health. He mentions being in a better place now, which is great news. All the best to Cass on his new journey.

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