The second-ever All Elite Wrestling branded event is Saturday night. The card is stacked with intriguing matchups that anyone can view through the BleacherReport Live app for free. The build towards the All Out at the end of August continues with Fyter Fest. Javier, Ryan & Evan are here with their predictions for AEW Fyter Fest:

So-Cal Uncensored vs Private Party vs Best Friends

Javier: I think that Chuckie T and Trent are going to be the ones to challenge the Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Titles whenever they are created. For that reason alone, I believe they win this one.
Pick – Best Friends

Ryan: This one should be very fun. While the premise seems a bit odd (winner gets a shot at a first round bye in the tag tournament), there’s no reason this won’t be an interesting match. It’s hard to bet against SoCal Uncensored as they are the “bigger” team in terms of notoriety. For a fledgling promotion, that means a lot.

Pick – SCU

Evan: At Double or Nothing, I got exactly zero predictions correct. I’m going to try and keep it real simple for Fyter Fest. Private Party is the least established of all the teams in this triple threat, so giving them a signature win early would be a quick way to do that.

Pick – Private Party

Michael Nakazawa vs Jebailey – Hardcore Match

Javier: I’m a big fan of Nakazawa’s character and this match should be as fun as it will be brutal.
Pick – Michael Nakazawa

Ryan: The last time these two fought, Jebailey used a crutch behind the referee’s back to get the victory. This is a handicap match, and it should be…interesting. I’m sure we’ll get a baby oil spot. Ultimately, Jebailey just makes sense here, although I could see interference being the story. 

Pick – Jebailey

Evan: My simple-picking strategy is off to a hot start. I have limited knowledge of these two, but Jebailey is the organizer of Community Effort Orlando which is partnering to put on Fyter Fest. He also won last year, so let’s go with Nakazawa getting the win back.

Pick – Michael Nakazawa

Christopher Daniels vs CIMA

Javier: I love CIMA. His work for Dragon Gate is legendary and his stints in ROH in the mid-2000s (look up the match against AJ Styles if you’ve never seen it) were on par with some of the best in the world. These two guys are past their primes, but with CIMA being an OWE guy, I think he goes over on Daniels.

Pick – CIMA

Ryan: There was a time, about three years ago, where I was surprised to see Christopher Daniels wrestling. I watched him often during his sting with TNA, and enjoyed his matches. The man has evolved, but he is still a joy to watch. CIMA is someone I’m just beginning to come around to. There have been a few clips, but nothing more than a handful of matches. However, conventional wisdom says that Daniels’ fate is tied to his SCU brethren. Following that logic, a win for SCU, means a loss here for Daniels. But who knows!

Pick – CIMA

Evan: I really believed CIMA was going to lead team OWE over So-Cal Uncensored at Double or Nothing. This can be his big moment instead. AEW seems committed to their partnership with OWE, and showcasing CIMA could be a big step in doing so.

Pick – CIMA

Riho vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Sakazaki

Javier: Rose has been positioned as the top heel in the women’s division so far and while she lost the match at Double or Nothing, she won’t be losing this one

Pick – Nyla Rose

Ryan: I’m not yet sure what to think of the women’s division for AEW. However, I do know that Nyla Rose has star potential. She’s also just a much physically imposing presence in the division. With records being important to AEW, I don’t see how Rose can fall to 0-2, to begin her time there.

Pick – Nyla Rose

Evan: Nyla Rose was unsuccessful at Double or Nothing, but much like CIMA could be viewed as a focal point. For good reason – Rose is strong and could easily be a factor in the AEW Women’s Championship picture going forward.

Pick – Nyla Rose

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Cody vs Darby Allin

Javier: Darby Allin is one of my absolute favorite wrestlers on the planet. He is fantastic from his in-ring work to his character work. He has an extremely bright future and I want him to win this match very badly so he can establish himself as a player in AEW. Cody will win probably, but I refuse to pick against Allin.
Pick – Darby Allin

Ryan: I’m excited to see what Allin can do with AEW. He’s definitely a fast rising star, and someone whom AEW can build around. That said, Cody is one of the top stars of the new company, and his status needs to remain that way. I see a great match and just the first of many battles between the two.

Pick – Cody

Evan: This pick is similar to my Private Party pick. Allin is a big name on the indy scene and had a huge Wrestlemania weekend during all of his matches. Cody will be fine to take losses in AEW, as he’s one of the VPs of the company. Having Allin pick up the surprise win could do wonders for him.

Pick – Darby Allin

Adam Page vs Jungle Boy vs MJF vs Jimmy Havoc

Javier: MJF is the future of AEW. MJF is the future of professional wrestling. He’s going to be their top heel in less than a year’s time and he is awesome. He wins, but not by pinning Page. Hangman is set for the AEW Championship match against Chris Jericho, so he should be made to look strong. Havoc is amazing but he’s got a feud with either Moxley or Janela on the horizon (with hardcore stipulations for sure). Jungle Boy is fun, but he’s just not a big enough star to win this type of match yet.
Pick – MJF

Ryan: First of all, this match features two of my favorite wrestlers currently in the industry. No, I’m not referring to Jungle Boy, or to Havoc. Page and MJF are polar opposites in terms of characters. Yet both men put on a show and have the fans watching. MJF is the obvious heel here, and his story with Page will likely continue for a while. I can’t wait to see the ascot for MJF!

Pick – MJF

Evan: Simplest booking logic I can think of here: Page has a match for the AEW World Championship coming up. Having him win here can continue to build him for that match. Either that, or Chris Jericho could interfere and cost him the match.

Pick – Adam Page

Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela – Unsanctioned Match

Javier: This match is going to be brutal. This will be a bloody affair and it will be super fun and scary to watch. Moxley is facing Kenny Omega soon and will need the win in his first match to establish himself. This has match of the night written in permanent ink and I can’t wait.

Pick – Jon Moxley

Ryan: We finally get to see Moxley make his AEW debut. It comes against Joey Janela. I like Janela, he is fun to watch both in and out of the ring, but you’re not beating Moxley on his debut. I’d expect something with Omega at the end of the match.

Pick – Jon Moxley

Evan: Moxley had the biggest debut at Double or Nothing, attacking Omega & Jericho after the main event. Hard to bet against him in his first AEW match.

Pick – Jon Moxley

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs Pentagon Jr., Fenix, & Laredo Kid

Javier: Kenny Omega lost his match at Double or Nothing to Chris Jericho and needs to look strong so he will be picking up the pin here. Laredo Kid is awesome and this will be a fun match, but The Elite pull it out in the end.
Pick – Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

Ryan: Over/Under on super kicks here? I’m going with 15, and I’m taking the over. The match makes for a perfect blend of styles. It will be nice to see all of them in the ring and I expect there to be some amazing spots. No matter who wins, I’m just excited to see this. That said, I can’t see three of the biggest pieces of AEW, losing. 

Pick – Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

Evan: I’ve bet against a lot of the established names on the night. So here I’ll buck that trend (literally) and go for Omega & the Bucks. The Elite can be the big go-home babyface win at the end of the night. Plus, someone from the inner circle of AEW has to go home victorious on the night.

Pick – Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

Some big differences in our picks, and also a few consensus choices. The big consensus between the three of us: excitement about the free show. AEW Fyter Fest streams on Saturday, June 29th on BleacherReport Live at 7:30 pm with the Buy-In Pre-Show. The main card begins at 8:30 pm

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