Wrestling Roundup: July 2, 2019


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Paige Discusses “Creative Frustrations” With Women’s Tag Team Division

When talking to The Sun, Paige talked about being manager of the Kabuki Warriors. Since forming, the team of Asuka and Kairi Sane has not had much time on SmackDown Live. Paige mentioned the frustrations of not having much creative directed at the division (h/t WrestlingInc):

“If we don’t get used I get really frustrated because we’re a good tag team and we need to be utilised. Sometimes the writers have so much on their plate with everyone else’s storylines, they put things on the backburner. I have to remind them, ‘Ok, but there is a women’s tag team title… I’m like, ‘What the hell dudes? Let’s make something happen.’

The Kabuki Warriors did earn a Women’s Tag Team Championship shot this past weekend. They’ll face the IIconics at some point in the future for the belts.

Street Profits Called Up To Raw

The NXT Tag Team Champions have arrived on Monday nights. On Raw, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins debuted by being interviewed by Charly Caruso. The duo have been together since 2016, and won the tag titles at the most recent NXT TakeOver event.

The appearance of Ford & Dawkins was spoiled during the beginning of Raw. During the beginning of the show, a quick shot of the duo was spliced in. Eagle eyed viewers caught it, causing Twitter to surmise that the two were debuting Monday night.

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New Raw Set Coming?

The destruction of the Raw set on Monday night may have been for good reason. On the show, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley went through one of the LED light displays. Both men were stretchered out and there was a large hole left in the display.

According to Wrestlevotes (h/t WrestlingInc), this could make way for a new set. WWE has apparently been working on a new set for a while, and the set destruction could be the impetus for a change. It would add to the feeling of “new” around Raw. Paul Heyman began his role as Executive Director of Raw this Monday.

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