With AEW and WWE beginning the next organizational war in pro wrestling, talent seeking lucrative contracts become a priority. With that said, for all of the independent/smaller fed talent, the top two will raid the roster of every other company. Below, a breakdown of talent, strengths/weakness, best fits, and level. Ironically, these two are members of legendary wrestling families.

Tessa Blanchard

Age: 23

Current Promotion: Impact Wrestling


Natural heel. Blanchard inherited the arrogant in-ring persona of her father, Tully. The WWE Hall of Famer molded his daughter in his image. Tessa conveys an innate ability to infuriate. Between the ropes, she shows the fluidity and timing of a seasoned vet. Despite boasting just a five-year career, Blanchard plied her trade in multiple promotions. As a result, she can wrestle in a myriad of styles. In all honesty, if booked right, Blanchard could serve as the face of a the women’s division for a decade.


Immaturity. According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Blanchard’s negative persona permeated the backstage. While dating Ricochet, Blanchard competed in the Mae Young Classic. She wowed with her ability. However, the trainers asked her to leave. As Triple H waits to ascend the throne, will Blanchard mature fast enough to change his opinion?

Best Promotional Fit: WWE

As mentioned, Blanchard’s wrestling lineage remained beyond reproach. Her father is Tully Blanchard, an original member of the Four Horsemen. In addition, her stepfather is Magnum TA. If the creative uses her right, she’d serve as the perfect foil for Charlotte Flair. Each sports a wrestling pedigree. These matches could serve as main events for extended periods.

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Probable  Landing Spot: AEW

For Blanchard, working for All Elite could open doors for her. First, like the WWE, she’d have a natural feud. If you are familiar with 80s wrestling, Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes engaged in a bloody feud. A next generation program would fit here.

Name: Jacob Fatu

Age: Unknown

Current Promotion: Major League Wrestling


Upon seeing Jacob Fatu, Jim Ross probably flipped out. Fatu is what people refer to as a hoss. An agile monster, Fatu moves with power, explosion, and twitch. He makes basic moves appear devastating.

Member of the Samoan dynasty, Fatu’s father wrestled as the Tonga Kid. Umaga was his uncle. Usos are cousins. More importantly, Fatu incorporates traditional Samoan moves, like the Samoan drop and thrust kick. Yet, Fatu’s finisher could be the prettiest moonsault you may see.


Fatu just needs seasoning. Right now, his selling needs work. Instead of the staggering oversell, drop to a knee. On top of that, he needs the ability to carry a long-term feud with a strong face.

Best Promotional Fit: AEW

If you look at the roster, in regards to weight, the group seems small. With no monster heel, AEW could fall into the trap of small guys bumping for each other, which could bore certain fans. Yet, in Fatu, AEW could bolster their upper mid-card to hold a middle title. On the other hand, pairing him with a talkative chicken heel could give Fatu that needed rub. Imagine initially pairing him with MJF, in a Big Bubba Rogers role.

In reality, Blanchard and Fatu give wrestling fans a potential look into the future. However, with their legacies to uphold, each provides a window into the past. If AEW or WWE wants to start the process of building stars with backstories, they fit the mold.


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