FPC Raiders Roundtable: Hard Knocks Standout

Oakland Raiders

With camp and Hard Knocks in the distance, the Raiders will catch the attention of the football world. As camera lights shine a light into the organization, we shall see the team as we have never seen. As a result, FPC writers Pete Camarillo, Ray Aspuria, and Terrance Biggs discuss the breakout characters/storyline.


Rookie Johnathan Abram. The safety isn’t only of the Clubber Lang (Mr. T from Rocky III) mentality — PAIN — he’s a pure alpha. Veteran LaMarcus Joyner lamented on Abram’s leadership qualities and that alpha dog mentality is something the team desperately needs, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

He’s got the art of trash talking down pat and just wait until he lays the lumber and licks a Los Angeles Ram during joint practices. It’s going to be pure entertainment.


Obviously, it is Derek Carr. His Christian faith, famous last name, competitive spirit, cute family enters focus. In addition, ability to not take himself too seriously (minus that First Take beef) will resonate with the HBO audience. However, I also wouldn’t count out Vontaze Burfict. He is the one the league loves to hate despite Paul Guenther’s love for his defensive leader. Many expect him to become the Alpha on this defense and earn that green dot on his helmet.

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I also expect HBO to highlight his personality and interactions with teammates, coaches and family. I think the contrast to the loud and aggressive demeanor on the field will fascinate people. Plus, everyone will be watching for him to catch beef in Richie or AB.


Rodney Hudson remains the leader of the offensive. In my estimation, I want to see how he handles the offense. Granted, Carr may be the quarterback. However, Hudson’s presence gives the Raiders automatic gravitas in that position room. On the field, no one will question him. More importantly, his interactions with Richie Incognito will transpire. The Raiders will let fans in to see how their offensive leader helps to get the offense moving.


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