New Orleans Saints Weekly Round-Up


Hell Yeah! It’s another good week to be a New Orleans Saints fan!

Each week, we are going to look into the latest news and storylines of the New Orleans Saints. It’s been a good week to be a Saints fan, I’m telling you. Here is the news that you need to know about:

The Saints Training Camp Schedule is out!

The New Orleans Saints have released their training camp schedule! This year, the Saints will have twelve open practices to the public, starting July 26th. You can see all of the details here at the Saints official website.

The Officials who oversaw the biggest error in NFL history are all returning to the field in 2019.

All seven of the NFL referees who officiated the NFC championship game this past season are on the NFL’s official list of active officials. While all seven men, who oversaw the biggest error in NFL history, return to the field (presumably to make more officiating errors), the NFL has introduced a new rule that allows coaches to challenge penalties or plays for penalties outside of the final two minutes of the game where the booth will be doing so. It’s an aggressive rule change that the NFL hopes won’t stall the gamer action very much.

Saints fans, if you see Rusty Bayne, Bruce Stritesky, Bill Vinovich, Tom Hill, Gary Cavaletto, Todd Prukop or Pat Turner on an official’s list about to officiate a Saints game… Watch out.

Cam Jordan’s new facial hairdo is… Intriguing.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Cameron Jordan posed for the Saint’s official pictures the other day… And, boy, has he changed! Somebody get that dude a bunch of mustache gel! I think I know what every Saints fan, player and exec is going to buying Jordan for Christmas this season…


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