For the Oakland Raiders, every game remains an event. However, a couple remains under the radar. In a season where the team waves goodbye to its ancestral home, the Raiders need all the wins they can get. With that, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs discuss these points.

What under the radar game will give the Raiders the toughest challenge?


The Jets on 11/24. The interior line will face the new Williams Wall (Leonard and Quinnen) both in pass and run blocking. By this time, the Paul Guenther-led defense should be clicking and we will see how well it fairs against second-year QB Sam Darnold.

Quote: “First of all, I was like damn, that’s Leonard Williams. He’s a beast. He’s from USC. … I was just being a little fan, we worked out together. Stuff like that. We just talked about football in general, how his rookie year was, just grew a bond through football. At the time I didn’t know I’d be playing with him. But I was like a little fan at first.”


On December 8th, the Tennessee Titans travel to Oakland. For several reasons, this game possesses massive importance for the Raiders. First, the conference game could determine a playoff spot. Under those circumstances, Oakland must emerge victorious. Next, if you look at the Titans defense, they employ an intriguing mix of veteran talent and aggressively talented youth.

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Jurrell Casey: In the NFL, no player could be the a quieter superstar. Casey, despite playing nose, uses elite quickness to slip between a the double teams. On his way into the backfield, he plays the run with aplomb. Similarly, Casey will attack the passing games as well. As a result, Richie Incognito may see Casey’s face throughtout this game. In order to win, he needs to win this.

In actuality, the Raiders need to prepare for a different Casey, in his own words.

“The biggest thing is really getting to know the guys around you, getting to know what their jobs are, getting to know their assignments,” Casey said. “If you understand what the guys next to you are doing, and what is coming beforehand, it makes your game go to another level and I think that is what this season is going to be about – understanding what my safeties are doing, what my corners are doing, understanding where the blitz is coming from beforehand. If you do that while understanding what you can do, it can take your game to another level and you can play 10 times faster.”

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