Raiders Point/Counterpoint: The Carr Conundrum

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr

When the Raiders drafted Derek Carr, the fanbase cheered. After a rough start, Carr grew into his role as a starter and franchise quarterback. In 2016, he led the Raiders to a 12-4 record. Despite a broken leg, many still supported him. However, after a wretched 2017 and losing 2018, many began to question his long-term capability to stay with the Raiders. FPC Raiders writers Pete Camarillo and Ray Aspuria discuss how fans view Carr in different ways.


Derek Carr is a polarizing figure in RaiderNation for a number of reasons. The Raiders went from stopgaps like an injured Culpepper, washed Aaron Brooks, failure Russell, early McCown, Simms’ son, overpaid Flynn, etc. If you want to win put Marques Tuiasosopo in and more to the religious, family-loving, dad-humor, Kobe-loving, Paul George’s friend.  Obviously, that’s a huge change. Carr’s teammates mostly love him. Makes sense. That’s part of why fans love him too.


Not only has it been rare for the Raiders to draft a good quarterback like Carr. However, it remains more rare for them to develop him, from the SECOND ROUND. Factor in, him delivering the first MVP-caliber season and playoff berth since 2002. As a result, it is easy to see why RaiderNation loves the QB prodigy. He gave fans something to cheer for even in those low McKenzie. and Dennis Allen days.

Nonetheless, Carr possesses limitations. He’ll sail a ball, throw one in the dirt, get too emotional, do too much, get too conservative, etc. These are reasons why people, like me, stay skeptical, he’ll be the franchise QB much longer.

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Still, every player has their drawbacks and Carr’s say more about the team around him more than himself. Then again, that depends who you ask.


When a team fails multiple times to develop a quarterback lead the franchise to greatness, the position will remain a polarizing spot. The microscope stays on the position especially when the likes of JaMarcus Russell and Terrelle Pryor flopped hard. It is so bad that when there is a fleeting moment of sound play, the fan base proclaims greatness. It is to the point where RaiderNation has not seen homegrown quality at the position anything — good or bad — is blown out of proportion.

Other Side of the Coin

You have one side screaming Carr doesn’t needs more help, while the other fires back a great QB makes everyone around them better.

Then, you have folk who don’t agree with Carr’s lenient “it’s all on me” attitude when it comes to shortcomings. Fans want him to show more aggression. Yet, when Big Ben points fingers, that’s not the way a QB should go about his work.

It’s a Catch 22. Shoot, if Carr somehow leads the Raiders to a Super Bowl ring, I’m sure people will still find ways to lambaste DC.



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