If the Raiders and Derek Carr are not constantly haunted by the memories of watching the offensive line give way, that makes one of us. Although it did not feel like it, the Raiders expressed concern in protecting Carr. Despite constant outcry throughout the season that Carr needed more protection, little help arrived. To be fair, the Raiders’ offensive line fell to injury in 2018, making building a capable offensive line difficult.


Now, things are different. The Raiders rebuilt their offensive line. In addition, they and are now starting to fill their backup spots as well.

One backup worth noting is Denzelle Good. Good, a former 7th round pick, of the Indianapolis Colts in 2015. Good appeared in 26 games and started 20 of them before clearing waivers 2018. Two days after his release, the Raiders inked him to a deal.


Although many sites list Good behind Richie Incognito as a backup left guard, Good has only played right guard and tackle. Yet, his role changes with the Incognito’s two-game suspension. Granted, the Raiders knew something punitive would occur. Now, Good steps up.

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In his fifth year in the league, it might be a heavy ask for Good to switch sides. However, the Raiders asked Gabe Jackson to leave a spot that he earned Pro Bowl consideration at. .

Regardless of his availability, Good needs to stay around. It is not every day that a team finds an offensive lineman with quality starting experience as well. Additionally, Good is also very disciplined and came to one of the most penalized teams in football, having been flagged for only three penalties (one holding, two false starts).


When September rolls around and team cuts will happen, the Raiders need a group of talented linemen. In most sports, but especially football, “next man up” rings true. If most things go according to plan, lack of depth should not be something the team should worry about. Yet, football, by nature, is a battle of attrition.

The Raiders need Denzelle Good to start right away. While two games may not seem like a big deal, they set the tone for the season. Plus, outstanding protection keeps Derek Carr vertical. In addition, the Raiders signed veteran guard Jonathan Cooper to compete for that spot.


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