Wrestling Roundup: July 17, 2019


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Alexa Bliss Comments on Fan Reaction

After participating in a fatal four way match on Raw, Alexa Bliss took to Twitter to discuss fans during the match (h/t CagesideSeats). Natalya won the match to become the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship at Summerslam. Fans booed the match and chanted “this is awful” during the contest. Bliss commented on the chants:


While the match was not stand-out, Bliss’ comments bring up a constant wrestling debate. Are fans allowed to chant whatever they want, or are there some rules and decorum? It is an argument that would be hard to solve, but Bliss clearly felt the fans Monday night crossed a line.

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J.R. Turned Down Offer To Attend Raw Reunion

The Raw Reunion next week will bring together many memorable names from Raw’s past. Former voice of the Attitude Era Jim Ross will not be among them. Ross, now a commentator for All Elite Wrestling, turned down an offer to appear at the show (h/t ProWrestlingSheet).

During a recent Q&A at a live show, Ross mentioned he was offered from WWE to return for it. AEW President Tony Khan was willing to let him do it, but Ross declined to attend. The list of attendees for Raw Reunion has grown. Mark Henry, Mick Foley, Lillian Garcia, Kelly Kelly, Alundra Blayze, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Godfather, Boogeyman, Rikishi, Ron Simmons, and Sid have all been added to the show.

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Former WWE Wrestler Sentenced to Probation

John Nord, known as “The Berzerker” in WWE, has been sentenced to five years probation. According to WrestlingInc, the sentence was handed down on Monday. The sentence is for multiple instances of driving under the influence. Part of his sentencing agreement was that Nord would do no more driving. Nord suffers from ALS and lives in assisted-living facilities.

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