The CEO and Owner of the Las Vegas Lights, Brett Lashbrook is a tough leader, boasting a parma smile and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. His ability to speak hyperbolically and still make feasible sentences makes him the perfect guy to establish his base in Las Vegas.  Lashbrook not only makes people believe a dream is real, but he also makes sure they are ready to ride along.

Like many others, Lashbrook left the Midwest for Vegas with a background in business and law, and a goal in mind. All he wanted was to bring soccer to Vegas and earn from the untapped population that had been pushed to the margins for years in favor of tourism. That’s highly notable to date, with the city being known for its world-class casinos that rival online platforms with popular games like the Mega Moolah. Check out a few Mega Moolah tips to win the jackpot if you’re feeling lucky today.  

According to Lashbrook, major leagues have avoided the city for decades due to the sports gambling stigma that has existed for over 20 years. That made Vegas the second-largest city without a soccer team. However, the situation is gradually changing, and Lashbrook plans to be in the middle of it all. 

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Lashbrook completed the first season last year, after sharing Cashman with the Aviators (previously the 51s) for a year. However, the Aviators took to Summerlin, West of Las Vegas, leaving Lashbrook to make Cashman a more soccer-friendly community.  His team took the necessary steps in June to get an MLS team after the city council’s unanimous approval of plans to build a modern stadium at the Cashman Field.

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The construction of the stadium will bring forth a fourth pro sports club in Vegas when there was none a few years ago. As such, the future of sports in Vegas is looking brighter every day, something that’s highly evidenced by the city’s WNBA team currently in the middle of their second season. The Aces became an instant favorite to many after relocating to Vegas from San Antonio, and its currently at the top of the table in the West.

Senior Sports VP at MGM Resorts revealed that people in Las Vegas realize the importance of sports. The city has hosted world-class events on a global scale, but having a professional sports franchise is the only thing that can constantly put the spotlight on the city itself.

The success of the Lights and Aces precedes the coming 2020 pandemonium just across l-15.  Additionally, the Raiders are coming into the city with their cultural appeal, brand name recognition and a head coach that’s ready to enhance sports entertainment in the city. These developments make Vegas the next major sports city, though there hasn’t been any historical sports-infrastructure. 

According to UFC Vice President Duncan French, Las Vegas is a transient city experiencing major changes in sports. The UFC declared their commitment in Vegas when they opened their performance institute in 2017. The institute provides athletes with a place to train and sharpen their skills, offering everything from nutritional services to highly advanced film studies. However, the city’s crown jewel is the NBA summer league in July.

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