On Friday, the NFL determined Tyreek Hill would not be disciplined nor fined following the child abuse investigation. The NFL says it could not conclude that Hill violated the Personal Conduct Policy.

Tyreek Hill Event Timeline

In March, police were called to Hill’s home for an alleged battery. It was determined Hill’s three year old son had suffered a broken arm. After a month passed, the Johnson County D.A. announced neither Hill nor his then fiancée, Crystal Espinal, would be filed charges. However the next day, new audio was released by a local Kansas City television station. This audio included Hill and Espinal arguing over who broke their son’s arm. As a result, a criminal case was reopened by Johnson County. That same day, the Chiefs suspended Hill from all team activities.

Fast forward to May, Hill’s lawyer sent a letter to the NFL which denied the child abuse claims. Hill also provided text messages with Espinal in his own defense. The league felt Hill and his representation provided sufficient evidence. After another month had passed by, news broke that the reopened criminal case against Hill was “no longer active.”

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The next event in the this timeline was when Hill met with NFL investigators for an eight hour period on June 26. League investigators interviewed him on everything they felt was worthy, and discussed the audio tape.

As far as the audio tape goes, on July 9 a local Kansas City radio station released the audio in its entirety. This eleven minute plus audio tape revealed more context to the argument between Hill and Espinal. Portions of the audio tape were previously omitted. One omitted portion was the 2014 incident between the couple. Hill denied abusing Espinal in 2014 and expressed regret over their relationship.

The Chiefs and the NFL alike already had this full version of the audio tape during the investigation. The July 9 audio tape release was the first time the public had heard the full audio.

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That full audio tape and its context seems to have played the biggest part in Hill avoiding a suspension. In addition, law enforcement investigators and league investigators alike could not prove Hill was guilty of the accusations made towards him.

Hill To Rejoin Chiefs

With today’s announcement, the Chiefs deemed it appropriate for Hill to return to team activities. Here is a statement from the team: https://www.chiefs.com/news/statement-from-the-kansas-city-chiefs-on-wr-tyreek-hill?sf215997426=1

This will begin at training camp, when he would report on July 26. Also, Hill is also entering the final year of his rookie contract. Per reports, the Chiefs and Hill are likely to resume extension talks at some point down the line. Currently, Hill will play in Week One.

Tyreek Hill also provided his own statement: https://twitter.com/cheetah/status/1152237914543349760

Finally, here is the NFL’s statement on the decision: https://www.chiefs.com/news/nfl-statement-on-tyreek-hill?sf215995377=1

It’s important to note the final part of the NFL’s statement. If any further information comes out surrounding this Tyreek Hill situation, they would take the steps needed to then possibly discipline Hill if needed.

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