Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital Thursday. Norton was involved in a car accident on July 4 and needed his arm amputated to be removed from the car and survive the crash. In his two-week hospital stay, Norton underwent six surgeries to his arm and was also treated for head injuries.

“Everyone has given so much support and love. I thank everyone and I want to tell them how much I appreciate it and that is a big part of me being able to get out of here,” Norton said in an official statement.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that Norton’s truck was going westbound on the 836 Expressway when his truck collided with a Maserati, hit a concrete barrier and then flipped over. He was cited in the crash for improper lane change and pulling out in front of a vehicle. Paramedics and police have ruled out all drugs, including alcohol, in connection with the accident. 

“I am alive. I am able to be here and keep going and see my family, Norton said in an official statement. “That is what is so important to see them and be here”. 

The Dolphins claimed Norton from the Carolina Panthers practice squad in December, but he never played an official snap in the NFL. Norton played college ball at the University of Miami. 

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Norton will now begin rehabilitation to work toward a prosthetic arm. Although the Dolphins have not ruled out Norton in years to come, his future in the NFL is in serious doubt. He will be on the Non-Football Injury list (NFI) in 2019 where he will receive his $495,000 and insurance as he moves forward. 

“I just want to give a big thank you to God and the Jackson Medical Center,” Norton said in an official statement. “They did a great job taking care of me while I was in here. The Dolphins family has been a lot of help. I really do have to thank them and everyone and the head coaching staff.” 

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