The Long Journey of R-Truth

WWE Superstar R-Truth

Across the current wrestling landscape, companies seek to establish dominance. Meanwhile, wrestlers shoot for the same. Within the WWE, TV time arrives at a premium. Wrestlers wait for their opportunity to connect with the crowd, turn heads, and cement a roster on the spot. If you are honest, the WWE product, before the Heyman/Bischoff Era, struggled for the longest time. Yet, among all the litany of talent, one athlete seems perfectly thrilled with their spot. Ron “ R-Truth” Killings evolved into must-see viewing during WWE programming.

Decorated History

Before we delve into what makes Truth entertaining, let’s look back into his past. Ted DiBiase, Scott Hall, and Rick Rude enjoyed better careers. Yet, Truth will always hold one fact over them. Truth claims two NWA World Heavyweight title reigns. Yes, in the record books, Ron Killings stands next to Flair, Race, and Rhodes. On August 7, 2002, Ron Killings became the first and only Black NWA World Heavyweight champion. Before Kofi Kingston, R-Truth blazed a trail. From, numerous tag and secondary titles litter Truth’s resume. Whenever his career ends, Truth will enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

Getting Over

Despite working with various styles, opponents and partners, Ron Killings displayed the uncanny ability to make everything handed to him get over. First, saddled with the name K-Krush, tagging with Road Dogg, Killings caught eyes. Later, a heel Killings cut a race promo that actually resonated with people

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Speaking of over ability, Little Jimmy races to mind. While main event guys failed to ganer attention, despite oversaturation (Baron Corbin), Truth made an invisible man a integral part of the lower midcard. Think about that for a second: an invisible character possessed more charisma than Drew McIntyre.

Modern Truth

When most wrestlers enter their late-40s, they let themselves go. However, Truth remains the outlier. He looks and wrestles the same he did in 2000. Granted, he may never main event another pay-per-view like Capitol Punishment 2011, Truth carved out a spot. Instead of clogging up the main event scene or hanging around flimsy storylines (Lacey Evans), Killings settle in and enjoys his spot.


When Mick Foley uncorked that green monstrosity of a belt, no one embraced the title. Then, Truth grabbed the chicken-bleep and transformed it into chicken salad. Golf courses, hotels, and bedrooms can all claim venues for title changes. If you watch Truth for riveting storytelling, you’re in the wrong lane. On the other hand, for entertainment value, Truth gives fans light-hearted joy without hogging the spotlight.


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