Odell Beckham Ready For First Cleveland Browns Training Camp

Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham

2019 for Odell Beckham can be described in one word, change., change. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver is embracing it.

With training camp just two days, Beckham showed off his newest change to the public, a new haircut. Gone is the blond hair. It may return at the request of some young fans. It’s another sign he is moving on from his time with the New York Giants.

“The only time I talk about is when I get asked about it,” Beckham said during a football camp he conducted in Strongsville, Ohio. “It’s like a double edge sword you know. I don’t want to talk about it, but if I get asked about it then I feel like I have to ask the question. So I’m really ready to put it all behind me. I think everyone’s moved on. I’ve moved on, they’ve moved on. It’s just time.”

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Beckham is really excited at what the Browns could do in 2019. It all begins Thursday morning for day one of training camp.

“I’ve watched from afar you know,” Beckham said. “They didn’t win a game the one year and then won a game and now they went to 7-9 (actually 7-8-1). I feel like its just been on the come up. It’s just that time. I just want to give everything I have and see where we land.”

Beckham and childhood friend Jarvis Landry will be one of the top wide receiver combinations in the NFL. Baker Mayfield will find both pass catchers early and often this season. It could create some problems, but it’s a good problem to have. Beckham also plans to be a mentor to Mayfield and the young players on this Browns team.

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