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Bischoff Not Working SmackDown Live Creative?

New Executive Director Eric Bischoff is reportedly not involved in the creative side of SmackDown Live. While Paul Heyman has a hand in creative on Raw, Bischoff won’t have the same role on SmackDown Live. According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t RingsideNews), Bischoff has different responsibilities. He will be focusing on WWE’s relationship with Fox and interfacing the two brands.

Fans have been excited for Bischoff’s creative input. It looks like now instead Bischoff’s input will be more on the branding side than in the ring.

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AEW & TNT Teasing Announcement; Potential NXT Response

A new Twitter account is teasing an announcement between All Elite Wrestling and TNT. A new “AEW on TNT” account became live on Monday. The account tweeted a teaser of an announcement coming soon regarding AEW on TNT.

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AEW is reportedly going to be airing on Wednesday nights from 8-10 pm. This would put them in direct competition with WWE’s NXT product. WWE’s response, according to Dave Meltzer, may be to use main roster talent on NXT. According to Meltzer (h/t WrestlingInc) WWE is “absolutely” planning on using main roster talent on the show to compete against AEW.

Seth Rollins Comments on AEW & Jon Moxley

The intensity between AEW and WWE is continuing to ramp up. On a Summerslam media call Monday (h/t WrestlingInc), Seth Rollins had some words for Jon Moxley and AEW. On AEW, Rollins said, “We are going to knock them dead, just like we do everyone else.” 

Rollins even had words for his former Shield-mate Moxley. He said “Now he’s competition and trying to take dinner off my table & good on him.” Rollins continues to be the ultimate WWE company man as AEW stakes claim as their biggest competition.

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