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Most of your headlines are likely reading that the best running backs are at the top of the draft. There is a sense of panic that if you don’t grab one, you will put yourself in a tough situation. That is why I recommend for you all to draft Joe Mixon.

While he had a dominant season in 2018, Todd Gurley has raised questions about his health. Also, we are not sure if Melvin Gordon is worth a first round pick because of his potential holdout.

These questions are valid. Unlike most years, there is risk involved by taking two of fantasy football’s most consistent and dominant players in 2019. However, alongside these players, one other player is slipping in drafts.

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Bengals RB Joe Mixon has descended from a first round pick to a second round pick. Looking at the trend, for no reason, I would not be surprised to see him continue his fall. I have been watching him fall in many “expert” mock drafts from the late first rounds to the middle of second rounds and I can’t help, but wonder why.

In Cincinnati, Mixon is the offense’s best weapon. Many consider him to be in a similar position as Saquon Barkley. An offense with little confidence in their quarterback and little weapons aside from their RB. However, many people forget that the Bengals are littered with talent and has a quarterback who can make plays.

Cincinnati Bengals

Alongside Mixon, the Bengals have AJ Green and Tyler Boyd spreading out the field. Veteran QB Andy Dalton will get the opportunity to learn from new Head Coach Zac Taylor. He was a former QB Coach under the watch of Sean McVay. As far as fantasy goes, I see tremendous potential for the Bengals.

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Mixon will see plenty of touches in 2019. With that, the defense will not be able to plan around stopping Mixon or a dangerous passing attack will force them back to their balanced gameplan, which will only increase Mixon’s value.

Mixon + WR

Therefore, it blows my mind that Joe Mixon, a top 10 running back, is slipping further down the rankings than running backs who have legitimate contract and health concerns surrounding them. Since that is the case, if you have a late first round pick, taking a top level wide receiver to pair with Joe Mixon would be a good way to go and probably gives you a good chance to make the playoffs.

I can’t think of much more realistic combinations better than pairing Mixon with a Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, or Odell Beckham Jr. Pairing these players will give you a lot of breathing room with your next several picks to maybe roll the dice on somebody or to take a quarterback or tight end slightly earlier than the consensus believes you should.

I am a big believer in Mixon and I don’t exactly know why he is slipping, but I am not going to complain. If I can take someone who I feel has first-round potential in the second, I will not hesitate.

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