WWE SmackDown Live Recap: August 6, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Roman Reigns Played Big Dog Cop, Bad Cop


  • Dolph Ziggler versus Rey Mysterio never gets started because Ziggler attacks Mysterio
  • Dolph Ziggler def. Ali
  • Natalya & Ember Moon go to a double countout
  • Aleister Black def. Sami Zayn
  • New Day def. Bryan & Rowan by disqualification

Match of the Night: Aleister Black def. Sami Zayn via pinfall following a Black Mass Kick

Sami Zayn called out Black and wanted to “pick a fight with him” at Summerslam. Instead, Black cut a promo while laying down for his entrance (interesting) and said the match would be now. Having Black rush to the match is an interesting choice. It shows he genuinely does want a fight after waiting so long. The match was good, with Zayn getting in some offence. It of course ended with a Black Mass Kick that looked like it removed several of Zayn’s teeth.

Three Thoughts:

Law & Order: Roman Reigns

The saga of “who attacked Roman Reigns” was an overarching theme of the night. In a sit down interview with Kayla Braxton, Reigns hit the right tone. He felt like someone frustrated by the attacks, but also baffled as to why. It was the pursuit of why that made him angry. After all he had been through, why would someone attack him like this?

To close the show, Reigns confronted Buddy Murphy. After some interrogation, Murphy told him he saw Rowan doing these things to Reigns. The show ended without a real answer as to why they did it. There has also been no match announced between Reigns and Rowan or his friend Daniel Bryan. While there are still a few days to have it happen, it felt strangely unfinished tonight. 


Dolph Ziggler loves to rattle fans by coming out to the entrance music of legends. He’s done it recently with HBK, and tonight it was Goldberg’s theme. Once he made it to the ring, he quickly attacked another current legend in Rey Mysterio. It helped get some heat on Ziggler when he’s going into a match where no one believes he will win.

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While Ziggler was attacking Mysterio, Ali came out to defend Rey. This is something that just makes sense. Ali in his previous vignettes talked about righting wrongs and trying to help. Having him come out to save Mysterio makes sense, and is something WWE should do more. Babyfaces should help more babyfaces.

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Owens Owns The Microphone

Kevin Owens has been rejuvenated by his anti-hero run. His mic work is organic and believable. He gets the fun-yet-badass vibe that WWE tried so hard to give Reigns. As of right now, he’s one of two superstars who has my attention and excitement every time he has the microphone. Bray Wyatt is the other one. The only thing holding Owens back right now is his sparring partner. Shane McMahon has such go-away heat that he’s unbearable to listen to currently. Once Owens moves on, his promo work will be even better with elevated competition.

Grade: C+

Without the ending of Reigns interrogating Murphy, this show would be graded even lower. Lots of matches with dodgy finishes made it a less enjoyable watch. The go-home show to the second biggest show of the year should have more heat behind it. Instead, some angles limped into Summerslam. The Bayley-Ember Moon and Kofi Kingston-Randy Orton stories feel like they’re missing something. Overall, not the strongest show.

One More Thing:

The Firefly Funhouse is still amazing.

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