With Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams on the outside, the Oakland Raiders boast a formidable duo at wide receiver. Yet, behind them, which receivers should claim roster spots? Now, the Raiders summer depth chart boast a dozen receivers. However, they will probably keep six. Yet, Dwayne Harris will exclusively function as a returner. With that said, FPC writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs discuss which three backup receivers should suit up for the first week.

Which three receivers should the Raiders keep behind Brown and Williams, and why?


  1. Hunter Renfrow
  2. Keelan Doss
  3. Marcel Ateman

Renfrow is the top option as slot receiver as he can get open and be the safety valve and chain mover for Derek Carr.

Doss is a big receiver who can play all the positions — outside and inside — and can be the big slot receiver. While not as fast as Williams, he can have the same trajectory as his fellow tall wide out.

Ateman is another tall WR who had decent speed.

Why the emphasis on taller receiving options? Carr likes taller targets.

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Renfrow quote, via NBC Sports Bay Area

“Yeah, it’s good,” Renfrow said Tuesday of his matchup with Joyner. “Just going against the best. I feel like if I’m able to get open against him I can get open against anyone. So it’s a good gut check every day and just a good competition for me to just be able to go against him and just the confidence if I can beat him I feel like I can beat most corners.





Granted, my choices mirrors Ray’s, yet the reasoning is a bit different.  Hunter Renfrow gives Derek Carr something that he’s lacked for the majority of his career: a security blanket. While effective on the field, the knowledge of a target to gain yards and work underneath must feel like a relief. With Brown and Williams dominating the intermediate to deep portions, Renfrow will eat. Next, Ateman features a big body that could manhandle smaller corners, winning in the redzone. Lastly, Doss could bring a mix of both. With sharper routes and the ability to work as a volume catcher, Doss, could eventually climb up the chart.

The Oakland Raiders, for the first time in a while, may employ too many receivers. That remains a great problem to have.

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