Wrestling Roundup: August 7, 2019


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AEW’s Second & Third Show Locations Announced

All Elite Wrestling has announced the next two stops for their TNT show. After debuting from Washington, D.C., the show will then go to Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was announced by AEW Executive Vice Presidents Cody, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

The debut show in Washington is scheduled for October 2nd from 8-10 pm. Boston’s show will be on October 9th, and Philadelphia’s on October 16th.

SmackDown Going With Four-Day Touring Schedule

In the fall, SmackDown is scheduled to move to Fridays on Fox. With the change of channel and night, SmackDown’s touring schedule will change slightly. According to Dave Meltzer (h/t WrestlingInc), the brand’s touring week will start with a live show on Thursdays. After the live SmackDown on Friday, they’ll do shows on Saturday and Sunday as well.

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Raw’s touring schedule will remain unchanged. Their schedule goes Friday-Monday, with a live Raw on Monday nights.

Latest Wrestling News

Kane Returning to WWE Later This Month

WWE legend Kane is reportedly coming back to the ring in August. According to advertisements, Kane is scheduled to wrestle on Friday August 23rd and Saturday August 24th (h/t WrestlingInc). Kane is scheduled to face Braun Strowman on his return to action.

The last match Kane had was at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia last November. Kane’s still been busy as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

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