WWE NXT Recap: August 7, 2019

A.K.A The One Where O’Reilly Autoparts Got Great Advertising

This episode of NXT is the final stop on the road to NXT Takeover: Toronto. There are only two matches scheduled, but it will surely be loaded with some build toward NXT Takeover: Toronto. Killian Dain will finally get his hands on Matt Riddle in a bout that is sure to get some buzz as match of the week. Shane Thorne makes his solo return to NXT as he is scheduled to take on Joaquin Wilde from the NXT Breakout Tournament. Finally, the NXT Tag Tag Champions, The Street Profits, are scheduled to have a contract signing with their Takeover: Toronto challengers, the Undisputed Era. All of that and more, tonight on WWE NXT.


  • Shane Thorne def. Joaquin Wilde
  • That’s it

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Match of the Night: Shane Thorne def. Joaquin Wilde

Shane Thorne’s jacket. That’s it, that’s the match.

This was the only match on the show because Killian Dain decided to make my night slightly less fun by attacking Matt Riddle again before their match. These two had an okay match that was really used to push this Shane Thorne storyline and make Joaquin Wilde look good. Speaking of looking good, Thorne came out with the coolest jacket I’ve ever seen. Seriously, watch NXT for the jacket alone and find me a link to purchase it. Thorne just walked out with a cocky swagger that showed everyone why he was the star of The Mighty. Wilde started the match hot, but when Thorne got the advantage he slowed things down.

The match took a dramatic turn when Thorne used underhanded tactics to gain the advantage and then ragdolled Juaquin Wilde outside of the ring. A running knee strike and a pinfall were all Thorne needed to get the victory.

Joaquin Wilde has some exciting offense and he would be awesome on 205 Live. This match just honestly wasn’t great. NXT has had a string of great main events recently and for this to be the only match of the show is pretty disappointing.

Three Thoughts:

O-O-O-O’Reillyyyy… Autoparts

NXT opened with the contract signing between the Street Profits and the Undisputed Era. The Profits came out first and hyped up the crowd while also trying to entice NXT General Manager William Regal to dance. When Regal was about to announce the challengers, Ford and Dawkins stopped him to announce the duo themselves. Montez Ford showed everyone why he is awesome by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. NXT proudly presents you the next team to get that ass beat by the Streets Profits: O’Reilly Autoparts, Laurence Fishburne Jr., The Undisputed Era!” Boom, I love this team. 

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My two favorite things about this segment happened during this entrance. The first was when the Undisputed Era came out serious and posed like nothing had happened. The second was when Kyle O’Reilly started doing his air guitar antics without the tag team titles. Get these two their titles back.

The back and worth made the champs look like absolute stars. They cut an impassioned promo about how Fish and O’Reilly are probably the best tag team in NXT history, but the Street Profits can’t lose. Their only option is to win. The contract signing actually ended without a fight. I was shocked. 

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P.S., Kyle O’Reilly is the funniest human being in all of professional wrestling.

The Women of NXT

I have been saying for a while now that I am not interested in the feud between Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim. That said, I love the video package that NXT put together to hype up their match. Yim was made to look like a sympathetic badass and Baszler was made to look like the badass heel who loves to run her mouth and run away. That makes no sense but you can’t tell me that Shayna isn’t exactly that description. The promo was awesome and go check it out.

NXT also showed another awesome video package to hype up the match between Candice LeRae and Io Shirai. The slow burn of Shirai’s heel turn was shown perfectly and it hyped the match beautifully. This is a match that I am excited about because both competitors can put on a terrific display between the ropes. 

Breezango Reimagined

Breezango had a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley and it was every bit as good as you would expect. They were oblivious and gave their best Zoolander-esque performance. My words can not do this the justice that it deserves. Go watch it right now.

Grade: C+

NXT was fun this week. There may not have been much action but not a single second of this show was boring. The two matches quickly turned into just one when Killian Dain attacked Matt Riddle before the bell rang. Shane Thorne and Joaquin Wilde had an okay match but it should by no means be the best match on a show. The video packages hyping up matches for Takeover: Toronto were all incredible. The contract signing segment was really fun and hyped that match to the point where it is must-see. Finally, Breezango. NXT gets a lesser grade this week because the action was sub-par to the normal standards, but the video packages were just amazing. As always, NXT gets a good grade and you need to watch it. Class dismissed.

One More Thing:

“I’m going to win the NXT North American Championship and then, I’m going to break my own record.” I absolutely loved the promo package for the NXT North American Championship match. It made Pete Dunne look like an absolute star and made the belt feel as important as it ever has. I think Roddy is walking out with the belt but man did this make Dunne look like just the biggest star.

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