The Miami Dolphins seem to be putting their pieces together on defense and have more than enough positional players to go around. However, that’s not the case for their offense. Many people say defense wins championships, and while you need a well put together defense to win football games, the defense still needs the help of its offense. I think Miami needs to figure out its starting quarterback and running back, as well as narrow down who its keeping in its wide receiver core.

1. Quarterback Competition:

With the unofficial start of the NFL season looming, the Miami Dolphins have given the starting quarterback position to veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, for at least the preseason. Head coach Brian Flores announced this following training camp on Tuesday. Because it’s only the preseason, we should still see decent playing time from all of the Miami quarterbacks, especially second-year quarterback, Josh Rosen. Whether or not it’s within his potential to snag the No. 1 QB position from Fitzpatrick this season, I know smart Dolphins fans still hope to see some major developments from Rosen. 

“I’d say both guys are doing well. This is a good quarterback competition,” Flores said along with his decision announcement. 

This quarterback battle is especially important to both the fans and the coaches because Miami’s fan base and organization haven’t seen a consistent talent under center since the Dan Marino days. Coaches getting a good look at QBs in a game situation(s) will not only help them choose an official starter, but see anything the offense as a whole needs to work on as well.

2. Running Back Situation:

For the first game of the 2019 preseason, Miami is going into tonight’s game against the Atlanta Falcons using a shared backfield with Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage. On an official depth chart listed by the team, both are listed as starters triggering a committee attack for the club.

Both backs are looking to get some crucial carries to determine who might be the official starter come the start of the regular season. Running back is yet another position the Dolphins would like to get some security in during the preseason, with two hungry backs looking to see a start. This should be another fun position battle to see the rest of the summer as I feel both show extremely athletic qualities and bring so many positives to the table. Honestly, if they did a committee throughout the year, I still feel Miami’s system could work, as it would be able to exploit more positives with two people rather than one.

3. Starting Wide Receivers:

Nothing is ever set in stone for the first week of preseason, but going into the first game of it, the Dolphins have elected to name Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker wide receivers number one and two. Miami has speed and size on the outside with these two receivers, and as long as the two stay healthy, they could be a dangerous duo with a gun slinger like Fitzpatrick under center.

Though the two have had a consistent starting quarterback in Ryan Tannehill for their tenures in Miami, very seldom was his use of the two receivers remarkable. Neither of the two have ever posted a 1,000-yard season, but that may be subject to change with recent roster changes. I think if Fitzpatrick is stable at QB and brings his 300-yard-plus games back, he’ll be dropping yards and boosting the two’s season totals rapidly. 

With these three things to watch for in the Dolphins’ preseason, I believe Miami will begin putting a lot of different pieces to the puzzle together and finish 2-2.

– Christian Chappell is a Sports Contributor for Full Press Coverage Miami Dolphins. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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