Starter rotations and extra depth highlights roster 3.0

The Redskins released their first depth chart of the season, and on cue, fans started freaking out.  Veteran Colt McCoy is in the QB1 slot going into the first contest against the Browns but will not be playing.  He was pulled early from practice earlier this week as a precaution.  With Colt’s injury history, and the need for depth elsewhere, this has me leaning towards him being the odd QB out.  Jon Keim has been on the radio saying as of the moment the Redskins are planning on keeping 3 quarterbacks, but still too early to tell if Colt will be healthy enough come August 31st.

There has been a lot of mixing and matching on the left side of the line between Penn, Flowers, Christian, and Martin.  Two spots for four guys and that battle starts tonight.

Another position group that we need to keep a close eye on are the receivers.  Not necessarily for who will be designated the starter on the depth chart, but who will make the roster.  It was discussed on The Bram Weinstein Show, on ESPN630 DC, that the team is not going to have a true WR1.  Rather, they are looking into utilizing match-ups week to week with the only true player locked into a starting role being Trey Quinn as the slot.  If the coaching staff believes that Richardson is the best match-up Week 1 he will start.  But, if it looks like McLaurin is a better match-up for Week 2, he will get the start.

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With these revelations being expounded upon us, here is our third mock roster with some changes on both offense and defense.

Offense (25)

QB: Haskins*, Keenum
RB: Peterson*, Guice, Thompson, Marshall, Perine
WR: Richardson*, Doctson*, Quinn*, Harmon, McLaurin, C. Sims
TE: Reed*, Davis, Sprinkle, Flanagan
T: Penn*, Moses*, Christian Sr.
G: Scherff*, Martin*, Flowers
C: Roullier*, Bergstrom

Defense (25)

DE: Allen*, Ioannidis*, Wicker, Bonner
DT: Payne*, Settle, Brantley
OLB: Kerrigan*, Sweat*, Anderson, McKinzy
ILB: Dion-Hamilton*, Bostic*, Harvey-Clemons, Holcomb
CB: Norman*, Dunbar*, Rodgers-Cromartie, Moreau, Stroman, Moreland
FS: Nicholson*, Apke
SS: Collins*, Everett

Special Teams (3)

LS: Sundberg*
P: Way*
K: Hopkins*


Reuben Foster (IR), Bryce Love (PUP), Alex Smith (IR)

Italics = Rookie

* = Starter

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