NXT TakeOver: Toronto II Recap, Grades & Opinion


NXT TakeOver: Toronto II Recap

A.K.A. The One Where Gargano & Cole Went Extreme


  • Street Profits def. Undisputed Era (O’Reilly and Fish) to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships
  • Io Shirai def. Candice LeRae
  • Velveteen Dream def. Pete Dunne and Roddy Strong to retain the NXT North American Championship 
  • Shayna Baszler def. Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
  • Adam Cole def. Johnny Gargano 2-1 in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to retain the NXT Championship
    • Adam Cole wins the regular match by disqualification 
    • Johnny Gargano wins the street fight
    • Adam Cole wins the weapons-filled cage match

Match of the Night: Adam Cole def. Johnny Gargano 2-1 in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to retain the NXT Championship

As great as the North American Title triple threat was, it has to be the main event. Cole and Gargano brought absolute carnage to the main event. Through their trilogy of matches, they’ve managed to make each feel different. This match, their second two-out-of-three falls match of the trilogy, was vicious. 

Gargano got himself disqualified in the normal first fall with a chair. He then beat Cole all over the arena in the street fight to take fall number two. The match then turned into a weapons-cage-no-escape match, and both men used all the toys at their disposal.

The best thing about Cole and Gargano is that they make their matches fresh. They are constantly learning each other’s moves and tendencies. This match had them feeling each other out throughout, and then using their weapons to destroy one another. Gargano and Cole even got to the big ending table spot organically, and ended their feud with an absolute bang.

Three Thoughts:

Go For Io

The intensity of Io Shirai is nothing to mess with. Her heel run has given her a new edge, and her match with LeRae was a great showcase. Shirai may not be next in line for an NXT Women’s Championship match, but she has the potential to be the next big heel in NXT. Shirai was intense and calculating, yet still a showboater. It was a blend of lots of heel characteristics we see into one fantastic package.

Baszler is Best

Who will be next for Shayna Baszler? Mia Yim was her challenger tonight in a match that didn’t click as well as some other bouts. With Yim dispatched, the next star up isn’t clear. Baszler has been so dominant that it is hard to see anyone taking the title. Candice LeRae may be the next challenger, but will need a lot more building to be seen as a threat.

All of North America’s Champion

Velveteen Dream managed to survive the triple threat for his North American Championship. He continued his trend of having outlandish TakeOver entrances as well. This time, he came out with Toronto Raptors dancers dressed as mounties. As much as Dream has been about the flash, he is consistently bringing it in the ring. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne are two of the best pure wrestlers in the world. Dream hung with them and continues to grow his star power. It won’t be long until Dream has the NXT Championship around his waist instead of the North American one.

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Grade: A-

It’s hard to have a bad TakeOver at this point. On the show, only one match disappointed our high expectations: Baszler versus Yim. The tag title match was a hot opener that saw fan favorites Street Profits retain. The triple threat match was excellent, and Shirai-LeRae was an interesting character match. Cole and Gargano put on an amazing match, which at this point is the norm. Overall, it was a great, crisp night of wrestling. If the Women’s Championship match had delivered a bit more, this would be one of the best TakeOvers of recent memory.

One More Thing: 

Killian Dain and Matt Riddle had a brawl during the show that felt a little tame. It’s weird to describe a brawl that ends in an off the stage table spot as tame, but it was. It didn’t feel like it had the personal heat NXT was hoping for. Their future match could, and should, be much better.


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