In modern wrestling, a troubling precedent took shape. A few years ago, overly scripted promos began flooding the airwaves. Now, we have the WWE to thank for this, but they do not hold exclusivity to this atrocious development. While the people in Stamford and Full Sail, by extension drill promos, other companies embrace similar tactics in return. However, this is not a sweeping condemnation of all promo work of today. I mean, the Ultimate Warrior operated a full service word salad buffet in front of a mic. Everything from yesterday did not always offer coherent speech. Below, you will find a mix of promos from various eras.

The Story Promo

Now, this one takes the most skill to pull off. First, the orator must possess the ability to talk, at length while holding the crowd’s attention. Next, they need to weave a tale that encompasses their pursuit. Somehow, the promo needs to bend back around to the speaker and what they are all about. Normally, these wander into face territory. However, heels can generate massive amounts of heat, cutting down an opponent with surgical precision.

The Quick Promo

Now, in modern wrestling, few will expend energy, inciting passion before the bell rings. Granted, in the era of pandering to advertising and multiple fall matches, getting to the ring and insulting someone before a match is remains rare. Yet, one wrestler managed to quickly berate someone and get right to the action.

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The Worked Shoot

Now, this remains one of the most overdone forms of promo. Thank Vince Russo for this. When executed properly, this device heaps realism onto a live moment. Looking directly into the camera, the wrestler can either reveal the smallest parcel of inside info or slip in a jab at management. Meanwhile, management knows the essence what’s said and not exact phrasing. Granted, we know the most famous one, but these two apparently ruffled feathers as well.



While wrestling is the main reason people attend the matches, what gets them into the doors? Outside of the overarching storyline, the ability to talk fans into attending cannot go understated. Putting butts in seats drives companies in America. Communication ranks high. For those that cannot articulate well, a manager or mouthpiece provides the necessary incentive to buy tickets. Some managers will never take a bump, but their words will fill the crowd of people. In some case, entire eras began with a few simple words.

The Future

As wrestling evolves, there will always be room for those that make audiences feel with their words. Their words connect with their wallets. If you look at one wrestler, in particular, the future feels bright.


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