Raiders Opinion: Helmet Issue And Bored Media

Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown

In a long summer, quality football news seems to disappear immediately. While entering the dog days of summer, and needing content, the Raiders seem to draw attention. With Jon Gruden roaming the sidelines, news and soundbytes appear out of nowhere. Enter Antonio Brown. More specifically, Antonio Brown’s helmet became a source of much debate. Yes, an inanimate object remains a top story.

The Perceived Issue

Despite his ailing feet, focus shifted to Brown’s helmet. On Friday, news “broke” in which Brown intimated that he would retire because of the league refusing to permit use of his old helmet. For Brown, the old helmet allows him to see the ball better. While the Raiders sent him other models, nothing feels like the older model. Now, what you may not know is that other players complained about the league helmet certifications as well. Yet, only Brown drew the ire of bored, lazy, hot take apologists. Why? One of the best wideouts in the game, coaches by a lightning rod of a head coach. Plus, Brown allegedly threatened to retire, if the helmet issue does not turn out in his favor. The flood of opinion and irrational thought flooded the air.

The Reality

Antonio Brown will not walk away from fifty million dollars. With that said, the calendar still reads August 12th. As a result, no regular season games actually transpired yet.  However, that won’t stop people from wildly speculating. Look, folks, here is a view behind the curtain. Many media types feel pressured for summer content. As a result, some will spin a situation into a national uproar. Those paychecks in warmer months need justification somehow. Additionally, the Raiders traded lower picks for Brown.

The Bitter Ex

Now, with the tumult surrounding Brown and the Raiders, one group of fans appear rather satisfied. Granted, Steelers fan have not enjoyed much in the way of success. Yet, their little hearts beamed with glee as Antonio Brown captured negative headlines. Through a chorus of “ I’ve told you so” and pompous celebration, they’ve mocked the Raiders. Granted, they remain in their rights to do so. However, a former star runningback sat out an entire yet to get out. Plus, a Hall of Fame wideout fell out with his team. The Raiders played no part in that. More importantly, many fans extolled the virtues of Ben Roethlisberger over Brown. Ben Roethlisberger, dubbed a nickname unfit to print because of numerous allegations and a lengthy suspension galvanized that fanbase. Think about that. Ben brought his stormy days upon himself.

Gruden Factor

If you follow the Raiders, Jon Gruden’s love of the camera is widely known. Yet, when discussing Brown and his helmet, the coach seemed rather subdued. In my opinion, that sign could be good for the Raiders. Instead of loud proclamations, Gruden backed his player.

Possible Outcome

The Raiders do not play a regular season game until September. Until then, the speculation surrounding Antonio Brown’s future remains that. Ignore the “sources” from reporters with agendas. In my opinion, Antonio Brown lines up in the very first week. That is all the Raiders and their fanbase can root for.


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