WWE SmackDown Live Recap: August 13, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Daniel Bryan Hates Liars


  • Charlotte def. Ember Moon
  • Roman Reigns def. Buddy Murphy
  • Samoa Joe def. Kevin Owens
  • The Revival & Randy Orton def. The New Day
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Match of the Night: Roman Reigns def. Buddy Murphy via pinfall following a Spear

What a performance by Buddy Murphy. In multiple spots during this match, Murphy had fans believing he had put down the “Big Dog”. Murphy impressed in his first SmackDown Live match. He laid knee strikes in on Reigns and looked like a future main event star. Yes, Reigns won after a Spear. Even with the loss, it’s still going to be Murphy’s name on people’s lips after this performance.

Side note: if he had won, what a rub that would have been for Murphy. 

Three Thoughts:

Owens & Shane Continues

With their blow-off match at Summerslam, we assumed it was the end of the Shane McMahon-Kevin Owens feud. Tonight showed us we’re likely in for one more chapter. Owens started the show but was cut off by McMahon. The junior McMahon fined Owens $100,000 for assaulting an “official” at Summerslam (Elias). Owens would then be forced into a match with Samoa Joe. He lost because of a comically-fast count by Elias.

Another match between McMahon and Owens would be a drag. We’ve seen the story naturally play out and McMahon got his comeuppance. If this feud has to continue, hopefully it is done with McMahon using a proxy. Elias, or Drew McIntyre, would make for a better dancing partner for Owens


We all love a good mystery. The mystery of “who keeps trying to murder Roman Reigns” has had a few twists and turns. It had even more tonight. Daniel Bryan & Rowan confronted Buddy Murphy in the dressing room about snitching on Rowan. After beating him up, Murphy eventually admitted he lied. Bryan deadpanned “I hate liars” and Rowan continued to beat up Murphy.

The show ended on a big cliffhanger. Rowan and Bryan were confronted by Roman Reigns. They wanted an apology for Rowan being wrongfully accused. Bryan said they know who did it, and will reveal the culprit next week.

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If it wasn’t Bryan and Rowan, and isn’t Samoa Joe, who did it? The intrigue continues to build.

Apex Predator

Randy Orton looked like the 13-time world champion he is on this episode of SmackDown Live. Orton came after Kingston’s family tonight. He wasn’t physical with them, but instead played mind games with the WWE Champion. Orton called Kingston a coward, and challenged him to the six-man tag.

After picking up the win, Orton was vicious. He hit RKO’s on all three New Day members, including twice on Kingston. After their countout finish at Summerslam, we knew this feud would continue. The personal angle has made it that much more intense.

Grade: B-

The Roman Reigns mystery was a great thread through this show. Bryan looked absolutely unhinged in his search for “the truth” and the tease for the reveal next week is exciting. Murphy and Reigns also put on one of the best television matches of the year. The show was brought down by Shane McMahon, and also lacked the women’s division aside from Ember Moon-Charlotte. 

One More Thing:

Does WWE have nothing planned for Aleister Black? As good as his direct-to-camera promos are, it appears Black has no direction on the current card. It’s a shame considering how good his match with Cesaro was.

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